That blaming every little thing on Derek shit is obtaining old. Tori ass was moving slow. Hey Tori, you had actually one an excellent season together a rookie you’ve to be meh since.......relax yourself.

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Tori was phenomenal top top AYTO 2nd Chances and good on Dirty Thirty. Hasn't to be on a complete season since.

But you're right, it's annoying that she acts choose it's every his fault as soon as she certainly shares the blame.

Yes ns agree Tori is a ok/fair player, as soon as paired with someone prefer Jordan she shines yet really it's Jordan making her look far better by giving her leads and tips on exactly how to defeat her foes or exactly how to out do them. Paired v Derek she deserve to only and also barely lug herself she doesn't do Derek a better player. I suggest that if Cara Maria to be paired through Derek she would get more out the him.The way a Nascar driver could race girlfriend in a mini-cooper girlfriend in a srt hem challenger and also the Nascar driver would dust you.

I don't normally like Kyle the much, however his comment on Brad's eyes and not blinking since he to be shocked through Kam's setup was hilarious! ns was cackling.

Voting because that Joss and Sylvia was such a negative move ~ above Tori's part. And also I do get the feeling that the was her decision. She knows the her companion is a flop, therefore why wouldn't she do it as basic as possible for him to victory in elimination and also keep them in the house?

Other next of the coin: she knew they were regarded as among the bottom tier teams, her partner has been a flop, therefore why not take a shoot at among the far better teams? Worst situation scenario you're in redemption and best case you have obtained some respect in the house and also other teams space going to be less enthused at encountering them in one elimination.

With this season being winner take all i don't see the logic in not taking your shots at top tier teams as lengthy as that doesn't chaos up your alliance.

MTV needs to prevent with this twists i m sorry are basically the producers regulating the trajectory the the game. Simply let that play out together a challenge. The frustrating.

It was so update to see someone usage the format of the season to their advantage, it to be ingenious!!! even if her arrangement was snatched, that felt choose a an excellent ole fashioned difficulty and ns was certainly pleased v the pace of this episode.

I recognize i miss out on when they provided to actually strategize things, and how Wes offered to use his strength to manipulate civilization even if the didnt constantly work (but exes 2 was amazing)

Agreed, this was prefer the single best illustration in 3 years. I'm tho shocked around how that setup worked out. Is Kam a friggin chess player or something?

Hey this illustration was actually pretty good. I was thinking around giving up because that a tiny bit yet knew TJ no quitters lol. I chosen Paulie’s monologue, we gained a an obstacle and elimination, us didnt have to waste time ~ above hookup drama and also got the merc twist. Additionally the challenge for next week looks prefer a an excellent old school challenge, things are looking up.

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does anyone know a website I deserve to watch this episode on?? my recording got canceled and also it's no up ~ above I don't understand why it's no on demand but I think it's because my dvr thinks it's recorded due to the fact that it had actually a timer set to record. Help!!

For switching her vote since she knew the if she was component of the 3 team crew that voted with each other there to be a opportunity they’d be called in. Therefore they space calling them cowardly

Jozea is the luckiest competitor I’ve checked out on the challenge. He lucked out multiple times on Champs vs Stars and also he’s lucked the end in this season.


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