Contains St. John’s poetry, The ascent of mount Carmel, The Dark Night, The spiritual Canticle, and also The Living fire of Love, and his letters and other counsels. Includes general and biblical index.

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5 accumulated works the St. John of the overcome

posted by Jim Hogan on 30th Jun 2020

It's a worth to have every one of St. John of the Cross functions in one volume. Ns purchased this text for a course I'm enrolled in. Looking front to finding out from his writings

5 The accumulated Works of St. John of the cross

post by Jacqueline on third Jul 2019

Thank you dear sister of Carmel - the book arrived well packaged, in a fashionable fashion, and also with a wonderful prayer card enclosed.

5 The collected Works of St. Man of the cross

post by Regina green on 30th Apr 2018

I received this exorbitant book really promptly and I am really excited to start reading it. And as usual, the to ~ Sisters included a lover prayer card v my order. I think it will certainly be so useful for my spiritual growth and also I am always pleased once I deserve to order indigenous the sister of Carmel. They always have the books I seem come need! say thanks to you!

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– D.M., northern Ireland

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- Francis T Walsh

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– Laura, California, USA

“Unbelievable organization – I got my order on Monday, exactly five job after place it. Her customer business is outstanding. Everything was securely packaged and also arrived in perfect condition. The ceramic ornaments are lovely, and I can not wait to include them to my Christmas tree this year. The exquisite suncatcher will be inserted in mine kitchen window where it will certainly be evaluate every day. And as because that the ‘In Paradisum’ CD, every I have the right to say is that on constant loop right now. I love at an early stage sacred choral music and have a collection of CD’s, but this one is stunningly beautiful and also has come to be my new favorite.”

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– A Catholic Church, new York, USA

“I just wanted to thank you because that the exceptional treatment you took in packing/shipping the books and also other item in mine order.... That the small extra touches choose this the go a long method with the customer and also lets castle know how much you worth their business.”

– R.C., brand-new York, USA

“I received my sterling silver Pardon Crucifix yesterday. It was such a pleasure to get it. Every little thing was packaged and presented through such care and also finesse. The crucifix to be crafted through such intricate and also beautiful details the it walk not carry out justice come look at it through the Internet. One needs to order it to taste what a beautiful item of arts it is. Again, the manner girlfriend package the crucifix, the enclosures included within, and also the top quality of craftmanship chin has entirely exceeded my expectations.”

– K.W.C.

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- kris

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– cotton

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- Julia

“Once again the best. I evaluate you conveniently sending me the scapular. I might have gone locally to acquisition one, yet I truly evaluate your craftsmanship and also customer service.”

- Linda

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