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Which of the following accumulation operations is no permitted between struct variables of the exact same type? (p.619)A: arithmeticB: input/outputC: comparisonD: every one of the above

D: all of the above

Which the the following accumulation operations is NOT allowed on structs or arrays? (p.619)A: arithmeticB: return from a functionC: assignmentD: passing to a function

A: arithmetic

Which the the following accumulation operations is permitted in between struct variables of the very same type? (p.619)A: assignmentB: comparisonC: arithmeticD: every one of the above

A: assignment

If a struct is happen by recommendation to a function, ____. (p.622)A: the compiler will certainly generate one errorB: the formal parameter will certainly not change the materials of the yes, really parameterC: the formal parameter should be declared constantD: the values of the struct in the really parameter will certainly be modified unless the official parameter is asserted constant

D: the values of the struct in the yes, really parameter will certainly be modified uneven the formal parameter is declared constant

To to compare the values of 2 struct variables, you should ____. (p.617)A: use a predefined functionB: copy the variables right into temporary locationsC: compare the variables member-wiseD: to compare the structs together a whole

C: to compare the variables member-wise

Suppose girlfriend are defining a struct to host employee data. I m sorry of the following types of employee data would certainly most advantage from being placed inside one more struct? (p.625) A: yearly salaryB: addressC: employee IDD: department ID

B: address

In C++, the ____ is the member accessibility operator. (p.615)A: ampersand (&)B: period (.)C: asterisk (*)D: pound sign (#)

B: period (.)

If the official parameter modifies the data, the change _____ the data that the actual parameter. (p.621)A: changesB: updatesC: has actually no result onD: returns

C: has actually no impact on

The syntax for advertising a struct member within a struct explain is ____. (p.612)A: dataType identifier;B: structName(identifier);C: dataType identifier;D: structName(dataType identifier);

A: dataType identifier;

What is just one of the services of reorganizing a struct right into a struct the structs? (p.625)A: reusabilityB: an ext efficient memory allocationC: simplicity of syntaxD: under lines the code

A: reusability

Suppose you define a struct containing an array type variable and an integer variable indicating the size of the array. I m sorry of the following list-processing functions can be written with this struct type? (p.622)A: sequential searchB: binary searchC: an option sortD: every one of the above

D: all of the above

When a struct with number of data members will be offered as a parameter in a program, that is best to ____. (p.622)A: declare it together a worldwide variableB: happen it through referenceC: pass it through valueD: explain the members together individual variables instead

B: pass it by reference

Suppose you define a struct form called employeeType. Exactly how would girlfriend declare selection named employees that consists of 50 aspects of type employeeType? (p.622)A: employeeType employees<50>;B: struct employees<50>;C: employees<50>;D: employeeType employees<(struct) 50>;

A: employeeType employees<50>;

A struct that defines a list type would most likely contain variable(s) that represent ____. (p.620)A: the array containing the list and the length of the listB: each facet of the list together a different variableC: the length of the perform and type of aspect in the listD: the size of the perform only

A: the range containing the list and also the size of the list

When a variable is pass by _____, the officially parameter copies the worth of the actual parameter. (p.621)A: valueB: referenceC: throwingD: catching

A: value

The C++ struct data form is referred to as a(n) ____ by part languages. (p.612)A: listB: tableC: recordD: array

C: record

The struct data type as debated in this chapter is a ____-like struct. (p.612)A: JavaB: CC: C#D: Ada

B: C

Which of the complying with statements declares a variable named student that the struct kind studentType? (p.614)A: studentType;B: studentType(student);C: studentType student;D: struct student(studentType);

C: studentType student;

Which that the following operations have the right to you do with a member of a struct, assuming the the procedure is currently defined for that member? (p.615)A: assignmentB: inputC: outputD: all of the above

D: every one of the above

What is the syntax for a function header that has a struct referral parameter? (p.618)A: functionName(structTypeName structVariableName)B: functionName(&structVariableName)C: functionName(structTypeName& structVariableName)D: functionName(structTypeName structVariableName&)

C: functionName(structTypeName& structVariableName)

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