laws (no longer in effect) in south Africa the physically separated different races into different geographic areas.
BalkanizationProcess by which a state division down with conflicts amongst its ethnicities
Balkanizeda tiny geographic area taht might not successfully be organized right into one or more stable states because it was lived in by many ethnicities v complex, long-standing antagonisms towards each other.
Blockbustinga process by which genuine estate agents convince white building owners to offer their residences at short prices since of are afraid that black households will soon move right into the neighborhood
Centripetal forcean mindset that has tendency to unify people and also enhance support for a state
Ethnic cleansingProcess in which an ext powerful ethnic group forcibly clears a less an effective one in order to produce an country homogeneous region
EthnicityIdentity with a group of human being that share distinctive physical and mental traits together a product of common heredity and cultural tradtions
Multi-ethnic statestate that contains much more than one ethnicity
Multinational statestate that consists of two or an ext ethnic groups with heritages of self-determination that agree to coexist peacefully by recognizing each other as unique nationalitites
NationalismLoyalty and also devotion come a particualr nationality
Nationalityidentity through a group of human being that re-superstructure legal attachments and an individual allegiance come a details place as a result of gift born
Nation-statea state whose territory synchronizes to that occupied by a particualr ethnicitythat has been transformed right into a nationality
Raceidentity through a team of people descended indigenous a common ancestor
Racismbelief that gyeongju is the major determinant that of human traits and capacities and also taht racial differencesproduce an natural superiority the a particular race
Racista human who subscribes come the ideas of racism
Self-determinationconcept that ethnic cultures have the best to administrate themselves
Sharecroppera person who works fields rented indigenous a landowner and pays the rent and repays loans by turning over come the landowner a re-publishing of the crops
Triangular servant tradea practice, primarily throughout the eighteenth centrury, in which europe ships transported servants from Africa to caribbean islands, molasses native teh caribbean come Eruope, and also trade items from Europe come Africa