Wow! What a way to finish the season! review on for a Plot review of the Season 4 Finale that the background Channel’s TV collection The Curse of Oak Island. Although I could have consisted of an evaluation at the finish of this write-up as I normally do, speculating as to the nature of the mysterious explorations made in this episode, ns imagine many of our questions will be answered in The Curse that Oak Island: Drilling Down episode reserved to air following week. Watch you then!

Plot Summary

The episode begins at the Money Pit, wherein the men of Oak Island tours Inc. Are sinking a fourth shaft, called GAL1 (George and also Anne Lagina #1) in honour of Rick and Marty’s late parents. Craig Tester, top top observing the hand-hewn wooden timbers being extracted indigenous the shaft, expresses his belief to stack Lagina the they might have intersected a searcher tunnel built in 1861 by the Oak Island Association, which associated the ‘Oak Island Association tower #2’ with the Money Pit, situated 18 feet come the east.

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Meanwhile, ~ above Oak Island’s lot of 18, Marty Lagina, Charles Barkhouse, and metal detection experienced Gary Drayton sift through the debris lugged up from GAL1 with a steel detector. In time, Drayton discovers what he believes to it is in an iron sailing fabric needle, offered for sewing canvas sails. Quickly thereafter, the discovers a gold-plated army officer’s button. The narrator reminds united state that this uncover is congruent with Oak Island tourism Inc.’s discoveries in Season 4, illustration 8, i beg your pardon included a dandy button, a command ingot provided for making musket balls, one identificatory plate from a musket, and six copper coins bearing the photo of King George II of great Britain- items saying that Oak Island’s subterranean anomalies space the work-related of 18th Century British army men.


Later the day, the Oak Island crew is checked out by sister Jean and Joan McGinnis, progeny of Daniel McGinnis, among the three co-discoverers that the Money Pit. This is no the McGinnis sisters’ first Oak Island adventure; in Season 3, illustration 13, Jean and also Joan, in addition to their late sister Joyce, payment a visit to the island, where they presented the Oak Island team v a tiny gold cross allegedly found by Daniel McGinnis in the Money Pit more than 200 years ago.


Jean and Joan have concerned Oak Island come honour the storage of their late sisters Joyce. Stack Lagina, Dave Blankenship, and Jack Begley companion the sisters to the foundations of the old McGinnis residence on the western finish of Oak Island. There, beneath one of the foundations stones, castle inter a bauble that colourful swollen glass crafted from Joyce’s ashes.

Later, the party top to the Oak Island Visitor’s Centre, where art and antiquities professional Dr. Lori Verderame examines the McGinnis sisters’ yellow cross. After cautious scrutiny, Dr. Verderame concludes the the overcome is composed of high high quality (22-24 carat) rose gold, and also was likely actors in the Spanish West Indies sometime in between 1550 and also 1700. She also states the the function of the cross’s many holes to be to home emeralds. The narrator adheres to up ~ above this revelation by summarizing the theory that Oak Island’s underground workings space attributable to the crew that a Spanish treasure galleon, and that the Oak Island treasure consists of silver, gold, precious stones, and other new World riches.


Next, stack Lagina, Dave Blankenship, and Charles Barkhouse questioning Dr. Verderame come appraise additional historical artifacts they have actually unearthed ~ above Oak Island. Verderame quickly concludes that the identifactory musket plate found in Season 4, illustration 8 is inscribed through the surname ‘Ball’, indicating that it likely belonged to Samuel Ball, the one-time Oak Island resident and also Revolutionary war veteran ~ above whose building the item was discovered. Verderame additionally examines the rail spike-like object Gary Drayton uncovered in the Oak Island swamp in Season 4, illustration 7, i m sorry Drayton claimed to it is in a pond from the deck the a wooden cruising ship. Dr. Verderame cases that she will have to examine this object more closely before she have the right to accurately speculate regarding its nature.

The complying with day, Marty Lagina and also Craig Tester accomplish with contractor Andrew Folkins the Irving devices Ltd. At the Money Pit site. Folkins notifies the 2 treasure hunters the Borehole GAL1 has actually been excavated come a depth of 151 feet, and that the has, therefore far, encountered nothing of attention aside native a grasp of wood fragments.

On Oak Island’s many 18, Dave Blankenship, Jack Begley, and also Gary Drayton examine more of the spoils from GAL1. After trying to find some time, they discover a piece of hammered steel sheet bearing a little square hole.


Back in ~ the Money Pit area, Marty Lagina and also Craig Tester watch together the men of Irving devices Ltd. Lug up load after pack from Borehole GAL1. Together Rick Lagina join the men, the hammergrab being offered to excavate the shaft emerges indigenous the caisson with huge wooden timbers in the jaws. A succeeding hammergrab scoop reveals more of the same. However, the timbers native this second scoop appear to it is in coated in a viscous black color substance i m sorry Marty argues is resin or pine tar.

Shortly ~ Dave Blankenship join the crew, the hammergrab emerges from the caisson with a sizable sheet of hammered metal. Every crew member existing is dumbfounded by this strange brand-new discovery. Craig Tester suggests that maybe the metal- which was lugged up from a depth of 154 feet- is a remnant of a protective cover supplied in conjunction with the Onslow or Truro Company’s cast iron steam-powered pumps. Veteran sweetheart hunter Dave Blankenship says that the metal scrap”has no service being under there that I understand of.”


The next pack from GAL1 contains comparable metal scraps. It additionally contains a piece of charcoal, among the item allegedly discovered in the initial Money Pit by the Onslow firm in 1804, along with coconut fibre, clay putty, and also beach stones. The narrator reminds us that, over the years, some Oak Island researchers have postulated the the charcoal found in the Money Pit room relics of a subterranean heater which the initial excavators supplied to attract fresh air into the shaft.


Upon listening of the new discoveries, Marty Lagina joins the crew. He examines the steel scraps, and also theorizes the they might comprise the impenetrable iron thing encountered at a depth of 171 feet (161 feet today, as a result of Robert Dunfield’s hefty duty to work in the so late 1960’s) by the Oak Island Treasure agency in 1897.


As members of Oak Island tourism Inc. Speculate as to the nature the the mysterious metal sheets, Andrew Folkins educates them the the GAL1 caisson has actually encountered one impenetrable substance and is no much longer advancing right into the earth. After some deliberation, the crew agrees the they need to attempt to rest up the impenetrable substance through a 4-ton chisel bit, and also then excavate the broken rubble v the hammergrab.

While the crew waits for Irving devices Ltd. To execute the chisel little bit operation, stack Lagina, Jack Begley, Charles Barkhouse, and also Dan Blankenship meet with Dr. Lori Verderame in ~ Blankenship’s Oak Island residence. There, Dr. Verderame notifies the males the spike discovered by Gary Drayton in the Oak Island swamp is, together Drayton predicted, a wrought stole barrote pond of the kind commonly supplied in the building and construction of Spanish galleon decks. She dates the artifact to in between 1575 and also 1600.

Railroad spikes.

Back at the Money Pit, Marty Lagina and also Craig Tester watch together the males of Irving equipment Ltd. Prepare to proceed excavating GAL1 through a smaller sized hammergrab. The narrator notifies us the the chisel little bit operation sufficiently loosened the earth below the 154-foot level to allow it to be excavated v a smaller sized hammergrab, however that the caisson will certainly still not advance any deeper.

The very first load carried up native GAL1 v the smaller sized hammergrab has a thick, bent, perforated stole rectangle i m sorry Craig Tester believes to it is in a “corner plate”. This load likewise contains a big rusted stole washer i m sorry is congruent v the corner plate’s perforations. Additional lots from GAL1 save on computer primitive-looking stole nuts, screws, and other amazing metal objects.


Suddenly, throughout a retrieval operation, the hammergrab snags on some kind of secret obstacle. After some maneuvering through crane operator Michel Ouellette, the hammergrab breaks complimentary and is winched come the surface. Loathe to damages the hammergrab or further jeopardize the structural integrity the the underground thing they seem to have actually discovered, the Oak Island team decides to wrap up operations in Borehole GAL1.

Three work later, the Oak Island crew congregates at the war Room. There, they contact Dr. Lori Verderame via Skype. Verderame educates the team that the button discovered in GAL1 is, indeed, a gold-plated button which bear the qualities of British military officer buttons used in between 1775 and also 1815. She walk on to claim that the bent, perforated stole rectangle brought increase from GAL1 is a decorate bracket “used come actually affix the steel or wood sides of treasure chests”. She maintains the the nature that this artifact- date from 1650-1800-, in addition to other pieces of metal lugged up from GAL1, appears to suggest that the guys who hidden treasure top top Oak Island offered recycled ship products to construct their treasure chest. The team thanks Dr. Verderame for she work and also ends the call.

After the call, the men of Oak Island tours Inc., cognizant that the rapid method of winter and also the end of another season ~ above Oak Island, comment on what castle would choose to accomplish in the future. Rick proposes that the team command a rigorous metallurgical analyses that the metal lugged up native GAL1- a proposal to which Marty agrees wholeheartedly. Craig Tester climate expresses his desire to further discover the Oak Island swamp- an venture which Marty is less keen on pursuing, but which both Rick and Charles support. Jack Begley then maintains that he would choose to proceed excavations on Smith’s Cove in light of their recent discoveries there.

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Marty Lagina commends the team on their incredible explorations this season, and asks whether or not they think the is “prudent to continue”. Dan Blankenship advises the team to spend the winter contemplating the question, and also recommends that they “take sufficient time to analyze the pros and also cons” prior to making a decision. Marty, Craig, and also Rick agree to consider Blankenship’s advice, if Charles and also Dan passionately implore their other team members come not provide up the search. In the end, the team agrees to “adjourn for the season and contemplate what come next.” with that, the season is ended.

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