The most recent illustration of the fact television series, ‘The Curse that Oak Island’ has actually aired critical night and also you need to be wonder what has happened. The episode 13 the the 6 seasons was titled ‘The document Chase’ and also it to be all around the stunning structure uncovered in Smith’s Cove. The Lagina brothers and also their team have found evidence which has actually left them much more perplexed than ever. In fact, they believe that the evidence uncovered at the Money Pit imply that they can have actually found the legendary box thought to save on computer the Oak Island endowment – the elusive Chapple vault. So, for all of you who didn’t get a chance to clock the recent episode, i m sorry aired on February 12, right here is a recap because that you.

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‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 6 episode 13: Recap

The secret concrete wall contains no metal and also it’s collection under the low birds level, the team believes that it might have included engineering techniques first used in the 3rd century BC by the old Romans. The team has additionally uncovered rubber pipes, i m sorry possibly date from the mid 19thcentury when Charles Goodyear polished the substance. Might these pipe date ago from the 19th century or is it however another an enig the team needs to solve?


Later the very same day, stack Lagina phone call a meeting in the war room to upgrade his brother about the newest advancements at Smith’s Cove. The team battles to understand the definition of the two pipes in the concrete wall. So, they have to proceed with the excavation in bespeak to uncover the answers lock need.

Moreover, they decision to above Dan Blankenship, who they believe can provide answers to your questions. Nevertheless, Dan no able to provide an answer, therefore they end up having much more questions than answers.

Back in ~ the Money Pit, the team continues with the excavation in ~ the tower which they think intersected the original Money Pit. They also hope that the Vault might likewise move earlier into that is path. They discover wood which might, in fact, it is in the legend box which includes the treasure. The team gets excited by the possibility that they might have located the Chapple vault.

The team finds crucial clue which could prove the they are closer than ever to the mysterious vault. So, the team goes to see two historians and also talk around their current discoveries. Among the parchments seems to it is in leather, while the other is a item of old paper.

The following day, while the team is top top the spot proceeding the excavation, a special guest, Randall Sullivan, arrives. He offers the Lagina brothers the very first two duplicates of his new book and they have a an extremely interesting discussion. Sullivan argues that that believes that is an additional flood tunnel on the southern shore.


The remainder of the team discovers a item of bone and another parchment which argues that old books can be part of the Oak Island treasure. If the piece they found ends up gift a bone, then they can test that was there.

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In a nutshell, the team’s effort is all around a search for truth and solving a mystery by using real science. One thing is for sure, the Lagina brothers and also their partners don’t wonder anymore whether miscellaneous of historical significance taken place on Oak Island. As their find continues, us cannot aid but wonder what they will certainly find.