Season 6 might be the many enticing season therefore far. ~ initial popularity, the display was criticized for the sluggish progress, however there were some major finds in recent episodes i beg your pardon glued people back to TV sets. Episode 5 has just aired, but for those of girlfriend that have actually just tuned in and that space not acquainted with the present you need to understand some simple information around Oak Island mystery.

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To date, six guys had passed away trying to settle the mystery and follow to legend 7 have to die before the treasure have the right to be found. For brothers Rick and Marty Lagina and also members of your team, the keys to addressing the 223-year old Oak Island secret may it is in closer 보다 ever!

So, what happened in the new episode?

In current weeks, an ambitious seismic survey of the island has revealed a number of possible secret voids. Voids which might be linked to the original Oak Island sweetheart shaft discovered in 1795. So far the seismic results have actually guided the team come the stays of a possible tunnel at a depth that 93 feet in addition to evidence the human task some 170 feet deep underground.


The team has begun drilling a new exploratory borehole in one area well-known as HI4, for seismic imaging recognize a feasible network the tunnels in ~ a depth the 100 feet. It was while excavating in this exact same area critical year that the team encountered an object they believed to be the so-called Chappell vault at a fatality of some 170 feet.

The vault, i beg your pardon was very first discovered by sweetheart hunters william Chappell and Frederick Blair in 1897, was estimated to be a huge 7-foot-tall wooden structure. ~ drilling through it, the drill little revealed proof of gold as well as a little piece of parchment through writing top top it. Unfortunately, as soon as Chappell and also Blair attempted to excavate the vault, the tunnel they had dug filled with water and also collapsed. Critical year, after as soon as again situated what stack Marty and also Craig Tester thought to it is in the Chappell vault, the 60-inch-wide drilling caisson they to be using appeared to have pushed the elusive structure lower and also lower into the soft muddy ground and off to the side.

Rick said: “We have to exploit this, we have actually to, friend know, uncover out the orientation because it’s definitely in near proximity to H8 and also if we design it and also it transforms somewhere in association with the money climate we room on to something.”

Meeting and Research facility Idea


As the drilling operation at the money pit continues, Craig tester joins stack Lagina and other members that the Oak Island team in a room. Castle met to comment on Zena Halpern’s legacy.

In the previous episode, Rick obtained the shocking news that his close girlfriend researcher and author Zena Halpern had actually passed away. Rick also learned that Zena had actually bequeathed to him the results of her life’s work including a vast trove that books and also documents which seemed to affix the Oak Island mystery to activities involving the Knights Templar together far earlier as the 12th century.

While pack up Zena’s repertoire of research, Rick discovered a copy of what is known as the Cremona file – a repertoire of maps and journal passages supposedly authored through the 12th century Templar article Ralph De Sudeley. It defines not only De Sudelay’s journey to the holy place Mount in Jerusalem whereby he claimed to have recovered priceless religious treasures consisting of the Ark of the Covenant, but additionally a Templar voyage to the new World in the year 1178 much more than 3 centuries before Christopher Columbus do landfall in phibìc America.

Rick said: “I don’t know if this is a hundred percent accurate. Ns don’t compose I do think with a hundred percent certainty but it’s worth part commitment of ours to shot to pertained to an understanding of even if it is not just is this relevant however is the accurate.”

He came up v a brilliant idea: “Here’s my thought we’ve now come into possession the some exceptional research, a lifetime’s worth of research, literally. To that end I propose that we establish a research facility a location where we have the right to gather the information regarding our work-related our search of answers for the Oak Island mystery and walk ourselves come that endeavor I’d desire to bring her job-related forward i do.”

“I believe there’s a lot more to glean from her research and also who knows where those paths lead us. Ns think the future of that research and also the heritage if friend will, is in very good hands,” stated Rick.

Meanwhile in ~ the Money Pit


Following their meeting, Craig Tester and Charles Barkhouse went back to the money pit area to examine on the drilling development of borehole HI4, a location where current seismic scanning suggests a man-made tunnel could exist some 100 feet below.

As the sonic rig developments the drill deeper into the ground, a specialized chlorine barrel top top the finish will extract samples the Earth and also any objects or proof in intervals of up to 10 feet. This samples will then be carefully examined through the team for any type of evidence that the tunnel and also hopefully any important artifacts or treasure they could contain.

The visibility of undisturbed soil means that the timber the team has discovered is likely from a centuries-old artificial structure. The inquiries were raised. Could it be one of the notorious flood tunnels draft to protect a priceless sweetheart or might it be a tunnel the leads come the sweetheart itself?

A tunnel bring about the money pit? This may sound weird to part people, yet there is a solid possibility that this is precisely that. A most things happened at Oak Island in the past.

The Tunnel

In 1861, a team of treasure hunters test to reach the bottom that the original money pit and also avoid the flood tunnels through digging an surrounding shaft down to a depth of 118 feet. From over there they began tunneling part 18 feet east in the wishes of finding an entry from underneath the floor of the doubt treasure chamber. Unfortunately, together the team dug closer the tunnel known as “Shaft Six” started flooding v seawater halting their efforts. Just several work later, workers reported listening a series of horribly according to crashes listed below leading to speculation the the money pit had actually collapsed, scattering loads of lumber and possible treasure throughout a deep flooded debris field.

Rick talked around this curious site: “Shaft six, at the time they dug it, lock knew specifically where the original money pit was. We can find, we deserve to track it back to the original place of the money pit and also there the is.”

Because the location of obelisk six has actually been lost for over a century, detect what shows up to be evidence of an old searcher tunnel might be an exciting breakthrough. If the Oak Island team have the right to determine which part of the tower they have found it would assist them pinpoint the precise position that the initial money pit!

Having reached a fatality of 128 feet part 10 feet below the bottom of pillar six the Oak Island team sees tiny purpose in continuing to destruction borehole here. Instead they will certainly choose another drill website in an effort to uncover the elusive 19th century searcher shaft and the tunnel that must lead them to the initial money pit.

Reinforcement Arrives

as a new day begins on Oak Island rick Marty and also members the the team welcome the arrival of a very timely addition to the island. Irving equipment Ltd, the firm which because that the previous three years has end up being a valuable partner in nearly every one of the team’s significant excavations, has humped kinds for among its affiliates Kent residences to temporary donate one of their prefabricated residential houses to the island. It will certainly serve not just as a library to house the records of Zena Halpern but also as a research facility for civilization interested in Oak Island and also its history.

Rick greeted your partners, saying: “I’m very grateful myself ns think that Oak Island is a really special place and as component of that us welcome Irving as part of the Oak Island story.”

And the guys from Irving space eager to it is in here: “Thank you very much because that the possibility to be a component of this. Something we deserve to do top top our end will gladly assist support friend on that an excellent site.”

With the new Research facility in location Rick Lagina and Charles Barkhouse room joined by other Oak Island enthusiasts Doug Trowel and also Paul Troutman. They have actually come to aid unpack the substantial collection of research study materials, most of i beg your pardon Rick has recently inherited from his late girlfriend Zena Halpern.

Rick speak people much more about the services of working here: “One of the greatest things around folk Island is friend meet amazing wonderful captivating people and also this commitment, this passion, this desire to find out it transforms your life.”

Lot 21 discover Its Secrets

As work-related on the brand-new research facility progresses, Jack Begley Peter Fornetti and metal detection professional Gary Drayton head come Lot 21 located on the western side of the island. It was while browsing this same lot just three weeks ago that Gary, accompanied by Rick, made one of the team’s many astonishing explorations to day – a gold-plated brooch which was later identified to be as lot as 700 year old!

A badge possibly from the lid of an 18th century French military officer’s uniform? but if so, what is it doing on Oak Island? and also could it have actually some connection to the gold brooch found in this same area earlier this year? It appears that the more team discovers, the more confusing it gets are more possibilities room opened.

New Digging Site

Later that same day, Rick and Charles together with Craig tester and Dave Blankenship room over come the Money Pit website where the team from an option Drilling has currently begun functioning on the new hole IJ 5.5. This is rather a promising location and also the team wishes that they will certainly not walk the end empty-handed.

Rick is pumped up about starting to work-related here: “Hey guys I’m certain interested in drilling this position dubbed IJ 5.5.”

Two years ago, in an initiative to locate the initial money pit, the Oak Island team excavated a 40-inch-wide exploratory column which was named in honor of Rick and also Marty’s parental George and also Ann Lagina. It to be while browsing the spoils native this hole, which was done come a depth of 160 feet, the the team do a number of far-reaching discoveries consisting of a gold-plated 18th century British armed forces button, a 300-year-old iron climbed spike and also a mysterious steel hinge, thought to have actually come native some type of huge box or vault.

Cofferdam Construction

Early the following day as the team from selection Drilling continues the operations at borehole IJ 5.5 Rick, Charles and also Dan check on the progress of the huge steel cofferdam being created at Smith’s Cove.

In stimulate to build a cofferdam, both broad enough and deep enough to encircle many of Smith’s Cove, the team from Irving equipment minimal has work a process known as “sheet piling” which provides a an effective hydraulic hammer to journey 40-foot lengthy steel sheets as much as 25 feet deep right into the seabed. Every of these pilots weighing some 5500 pounds will certainly interlock with each other to kind a 525-foot-long watertight obstacle which, as soon as finished, will permit the Oak Island team to completely drain and then dig deep into the roughly 12,000 square foot area. If successful, the team may have the ability to find not only vital historical artifacts like the mysterious LED overcome but likewise the entrance to the booby-trapped overwhelming tunnels mechanism which sends s water to the money pit area.

Later the day Marty Lagina his kid Alex and local excavator Laird Niven arrived for a meeting at the new Oak Island research study center. They have been invited by Gary Drayton and also researcher Paul Troutman to check Gary’s most recent explorations on lot 21.This has been an exciting site for years.

French Influence

Last year, Oak Island researcher Doug Prowl presented the team with info taken indigenous a centuries-old ship’s log. In it to be the detailed account the a fail French naval expedition in 1746 led by the duke D’Anville a descendant the a family associated to the Knights Templar. The log likewise documented the construction of what was described as a deep treasure tower dug ~ above a wooded island and then filled with millions in gold and precious artifacts.

Could this French armed forces batch, which Gary trust dates back to the 1700s, it is in physical evidence that the battle each other Danville actually concerned Oak Island? Is it the same fight it out Danville who ancestors were thought by Zena Halpern to be key players in the Oak Island treasure mystery?

Author’s Note

As the drilling that borehole IJ 5.5 continues, Randall Marty and also Rick Lagina take a phone call.

For virtually two decades, acclaimed author Randall Sullivan has been investigating and writing about the Oak Island mystery. 2 years ago, he payment a one-of-a-kind visit come the island in order to conduct research study on a book.

“Just imagine if the ghosts in the 19th century might see this one which the intends will be the most considerable and authoritative ever before written around the 223-year-old endowment hunt,” said among the brothers. Wouldn’t that be splendid?

When asked about the recent happenings and finds, Marty had actually this come say to the author.

Marty: “I’ll to speak this they’re probably the most puzzling finds that’s for sure, the most far-ranging ones approximately we think space the human bones. Ns mean also for a skeptic like me it’s just tough to come up with a plausible reason that those things room that deep underground. And also then we have that really strange middle ages cross. I think those space the 2 biggies to the year.”

He continued: “I don’t really watch a connection in between those two various other than drawing the noticeable conclusion that’s something rather extraordinary happened below it’s an island the what-ifs and possibilities then it proceeds to continue to be so.”

Rick praised the author: “Randall Sullivan’s clearly an Oak Island aficionado and also the truth that he’s now writing a book, I very much look forward to analysis it. I’ve always believed that the oak island story is quite remarkable and also I hope he doesn’t justice.”


Final Check-Up

Later that same day, rick Lagina joins Craig Tester, Dave Blankenship and also Charles Barkhouse as they head to the money pit to inspect on the development of borehole ns J 5.5 – a feet which they think intersects a 157-year old searcher tunnel understand as tower six. If their presumption is correct the team should be able to locate not just the original money pit but additionally what they hope is a enormous underground debris field.

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And to end up the episode, Rick had this to say:

“There’s no concern that now there’s part excitement in the air absolutely anticipation if there’s something come be discovered in the money pit. It’s in the tunnel the connects obelisk six to the initial money pit and also the expect is that this is certainly THE location.”

Whether that’s the place or not, the pan will have to wait for some more time to find out. Either way, this was a funny episode and that research center would important be beneficial for the brothers and also the other team members.