____ is the default name for a new table in an access database.A. My tableB. Table1C. ADB TableD. TableAYou space watching: The data type that permits both sequential and random numbering is the ____ data type.A database monitoring system is a beneficial tool just if it meets which of the complying with criteria?A. Produce reportsB. Contains straightforward recordsC. Meets the needs of the usersD. Meets the requirements of the designerA database mechanism determines just how to store, display, and procedure field values based on which of the following?A. Field namesB. Ar propertiesC. Ar captionsD. Field sizeA field in an accessibility database table that has actually no value is identified by access to have a ____ value.A. CustomB. ZeroC. NullD. NumberA field used to affix one table logically with another table is called a ____ field.A. CommonB. PrimaryC. CompositeD. DataA relationship between accessibility tables that is a relationship in between one document in the an initial table and also zero, one, or plenty of records in the second table, and at least one record in the second table matches at many one record in the first table, is defined as a ____ relationship.A. One-to-OneB. One-to-ManyC. One-to-MostD. Many-to-OneA value set in the ar Properties pane that shows up in a field automatically is the ____ because that the field.A. Entered valueB. Changed valueC. Default valueD. Permanent valueBy selecting the meaning Only choice in the import Objects dialog box, the ____ that a table is imported, but not the ____.A. Data, structureB. Data type, structureC. Structure, dataD. Structure, data typeChanging the stimulate of fields in a database table is an instance of an altering a table"s ____.A. PurposeB. StructureC. DataD. ValueFormatting Date/Time fields transforms only the means data is displayed, no the ar ____.A. ValuesB. LettersC. NumbersD. MaskInterns Leah and also Santana are arranging a summer camp for children ages 5-10 for their neighborhood recreation and parks agency. Participant and also payment details is save on computer in an Excel spreadsheet as youngsters are registered for activities. An access database consists of information about children (participants), parents, employees, too as activity sessions and schedules. The database has the adhering to tables:· Participant Information· parent Information· Employees· tasks After to press a report of parent info for camper pick-up monitors, Santana decides several of the ar names shown on the report are hard to read. For example, she prefers the ar MotherMobilePhone to be presented as mommy Cell top top the report. Which field property have to be adjusted to modify the field name display screen on the report?A. Entry MaskB. Default ValueC. FormatD. CaptionInterns Leah and Santana are organizing a summer camp for youngsters ages 5-10 because that their local recreation and also parks agency. Participant and payment info is save on computer in an Excel spreadsheet as kids are registered because that activities. An accessibility database contains information around children (participants), parents, employees, also as activity sessions and also schedules. The database includes the following tables:· Participant Information· parent Information· Employees· activities Leah and Santana have actually been asked for to print a day-to-day report of booked activities. Their supervisor demands to know if each participant has paid for the activity. The ParticipantPD field will be contained in the report. Which data kind will permit the report to display screen a true/fA. Quick TextB. NumberC. Yes/NoD. CurrencyIt is important that data gift imported from a text file into access are be separated by a character, such as a comma, which defines the text record as a(n) ____ text file.A. ImportedB. ReadableC. DelimitedD. ExternalThe ____ data kind only permits a field length of 1 character and also is supplied to indicate the existence or lack of a condition.A. AutoNumberB. Brief TextC. Yes/NoD. Long Text})}else;window.location.assign("https://inter-base.net/explanations/textbook-solutions/introduction-to-the-theory-of-computation-3rd-edition-9781133187790");">

You are watching: The data type that allows both sequential and random numbering is the ____ data type.


Computer Organization and Design MIPS Edition: The Hardware/Software Interface5th EditionDavid A. Patterson, john L. Hennessy})}else;window.location.assign("https://inter-base.net/explanations/textbook-solutions/introduction-to-algorithms-3rd-edition-9780262033848");">Introduction to Algorithms3rd EditionCharles E. Leiserson, Clifford Stein, Ronald L. Rivest, thomas H. Cormen})}else;window.location.assign("https://inter-base.net/explanations/textbook-solutions/myprogramminglab-with-pearson-etext-access-card-for-java-how-to-program-early-objects-10th-edition-9780133811902");">

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