This guide provides simple reference sources, magazine indexes, spiritual texts, and also suggested well-known works around Buddhism.

Memories that the sayings the the Buddha carried down with oral legacy after he died, ca 483 B.C.E., and also were compiled right into collections called suttas (Pali) or sutras (Sanskrit). This collections, to add the Vinaya Pitaka (monastic rules) and Abidhamma/Aabidharma (philosophical texts) write the buddhist Canon.

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Buddhism has two significant traditions, Theraveda (school that elders) Buddhism, larger and more conservative, practiced by monks in India claiming exclusive understanding of the principles of it, and Mahayana Buddhism, a later on development, exercised by lay persons. The Theraveda canon has been completely translated into English and also is the focus of most scholarship in the West. There is a an excellent summary of it in the History of buddhist Thought, key BL 1420 .T5 1951. Mahayana Buddhism is an ext popular and has the many adherents throughout the world.

Sacred publications of the Buddhists main BQ 1138 .S23 v. 2,8,10-11,13-16,18-23,25-49 (1899-2001)

A set of publications put the end by the Pali Text society in the joined Kingdom. We have some that the volumes, detailed below in the Theraveda messages sub-section.

BDK English Tripitaka Project

In 1986, the so late Rev. Dr. Yehan Numata, the founder of BDK, created the BDK English Tripitaka task with the score of translating Chinese and Japanese Buddhist messages from theTaishō Shinshū Daizōkyō, the 100 volume collection that is widely well-known a definitive arsenal of buddhist texts.This huge task is ongoing, and to date BDK has actually published almost 60 volumes in what comprises a farming English buddhism Canon.Literally an interpretation “three baskets,”tripiṭakais a Sanskrit native indicating the buddhism canon. The translations are available for purchase as beautiful bound books, or as cost-free PDF download from our website. We have paper copies the Forest of Pearls indigenous the Dharma Garden main BQ 4000 .D3613 2019 v. 2-3

General Anthologies

Buddhist Scriptures key BQ 1012 .B836 2004

Experience the Buddhism, Sources and also Interpretations main BQ 122 .S87 2009Numerical Discourses the the Buddha, an Anthology of Suttas indigenous the Anguttara Nikaya key BQ 1342 .E5 T572 1999

Norton Anthology of world Religions, v. 1 Main BL 74 .N67 2014 v. 1 watch pp. 725-1463

Theraveda texts

Long Discourses the the Buddha Main BQ 1292 .E53 W35 2012Middle size Discourses that the Buddha Main BQ 1312 .E5 N36 2009

Numerical Discourses of the Buddha, an Anthology the Suttas indigenous the Anguttara Nikaya main BQ 1342 .E5 T572 1999

In the Buddha's Words, one Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon main BQ 1192 .E53 B63 2012

Connected Discourses the the Buddha, a new Translation the the Samyutta Nikaya key BQ 1332 .B63 E5 2000b

Contain representative translations native the key collections of the Sutta Pitaka

Dhammapada, trans. And also ed. By Valerie Roebuck main BQ 1372 .E5 R64 2010

Dhammapada, the Sayings that the Buddha,, trans. And ed. Through Carter and also Palihawadana key BQ 1372 .E5 C36 2008

The Pali Text society in England posting the Canon, dubbed the Pali Tipitaka. Below are their volumes composing the Canon, with contact numbers because that the quantities M.S.U. Inter-base.netraries' owns. Included also are quantities of commentaries on particular works. Researchers space advised to find the online brochure by contact number because that BQ 1138 .S23 where the collection can be perceived volume by volume, because the Pali Text culture seems to have issued an ext volumes than those listed here. The list presented right here is from their net site.

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Pāli title English Translation

Vinaya-piṭaka The book of the technique Main BQ 1138 .S23 v. 10,11,13-15,20-21,25


Dīgha-nikāya Dialogues that the Buddha key BQ 1138 .S223 v. 2 (lack v. 1,3)

Majjhima-nikāya Middle length Sayings main BL 1411 .M33 E5 v. 1,3; main BQ 1312 .E5 H67 2013 v. 1-3

Saṃyutta-nikāya connected Discourses that the Buddha; The publication of Kindred Sayings main BL 1411 .S28 E5 v. 1-3,5 (lack v. 4) and BQ 1332 .B63 E5 2000b

Aṅguttara-nikāya The book of gradual Sayings 5v. ~ above order


Khuddakapāṭha The boy Readings key BQ 1138 .S23 v. 26?

Dhammapada indigenous of the Doctrine, young Anthologies I main BQ 1138 .S23 v. 8

Udāna Verses the Uplift; The Udāna main BQ 1138 .S23 v. 8,42-43,45

Itivuttaka Itivuttaka (translation); together It to be Said main BQ 1138 .S23 v. 8,48; PK 4591 .I8 1908, 1948

Suttanipāta team of Discourses, 2nd ed.; The Rhinoceros Horn (paperback) main BQ 1138 .S23 v. 15

Vimānavatthu story of the Mansions key BQ 1138 .S23 v. 31,35

Petavatthu stories of the Departed key BQ 1138 .S23 v. 31,34

Theragāthā Elders' Verses Vol. I; Psalms the the Brethren; Poems of early Buddhist Monks (paperback)

Therīgāthā Elders' Verses Vol. II; Psalms that the Sisters; Poems of at an early stage Buddhist Nuns (paperback) key BQ 1138 .S23 v. 47

Jātaka stories of the Buddha's previous Birth main BQ 1462 .E5 c6 1995 v. 1-6 and also Index, 26, 38-39 (also online)

Niddesa No PTS translation yet available

Paṭisambhidāmagga The path of distinguish No PTS Translation yet available

Apadāna No PTS translation yet available

Buddhavaṃsa The Chronicle that the Buddhas main BQ 1138 .S23 v. 33

Cariyāpiṭaka The Basket that Conduct main BQ 1138 .S23 v. 31


Dhammasaṅgaṇī buddhism Psychological ethics Main BQ 2502 .E5 1975 (also online)

Vibhaṅga The book of analysis Main BQ 1172 .E5 T45 2010

Dhātukathā Discourse on facets Main BQ 2522 .E5 N37 2012

Puggalapaññatti Designation of Human species Main BQ 2532 .E5 L38 2011

Kathāvatthu clues of conflict on order

Yamaka No PTS translation however available

Tikapaṭṭhāna Conditional Relations key BQ 1172 .E5 N37 2010 v. 1-2; v. 3 quiet on order?

Dukapaṭṭhāna No PTS translation however available

Mahayana Texts

Mahayana literature is extensive and also exists in several languages. Here are part English language works, organized by usual genres, themes, and traditions that Buddhism.

Mahayana Buddhism, the doctrinal Foundations, 2nd ed. Main BQ 7405 .W55 2009

***Perfection of Wisdom (a major, central idea the Buddhism)***

Perfection of Wisdom, the short Prajnaparamita Texts key BQ 1882 .E5 C66 2002

Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita > male BQ 1912 .E5 C66 1970

Buddhist Wisdom Books, containing the Diamond Sutra and also the love Sutra main BL 1411 .V3 E53

Large Sutra ~ above Perfect Wisdom, v the divisions of the Abhisamayalankara main BQ 1952 .E5 C66

Perfection the Wisdom in Eight thousand Lines and its city Summary main BL 1410 .P4

Prajnaparamita Literature remote Storage B BL 1411 .P7 C6

Short Prajnaparamita Texts main BQ 1882 .E5 C66 1973

Diamond Sutra, Transforming the method We perceive the World main BQ 1997 .M8 2000

Flower Ornament Scripture, a translate in of the Avatamsaka Sutra, Volume 1 main BQ 1622 .E5 T74 1985 v. 1

***Forest Vocation (concerns seculsion in the woodland to accomplish enlightenment)***

Bodhisattvas of the Forest and also the development of the Mahayana: a Study and also Translation the the Rastrapalapariprccha-sutra

Few great Men: the Bodhisattva route According to the inspection of Ugra key BQ 2240 .U473 N37 2003

***Change of Sex (a young woman suggesting with a masculine bodhisattva changes sex to do her points)***

Holy teaching of Vimalakirti: a Mahayana Scripture main BQ 2212 .E5 T47

***Pure Land, Lotus, Tibetan and also Zen Buddhism (popular in Japan)***

Land the Bliss, the heaven of the Buddha the Measureless irradiate Main BQ 2012 .E5 G66 1996

Studies in the literature of the good Vehicle: 3 Mahayana buddhism Texts key BQ 1617 .S78 1989

Lotus Sutra (Oxford university Press)

Lotus Sutra: a modern-day Translation the a buddhism Classic (Wisdom Publications)

Lotus Sutra (Columbia college Press) Main and SPC BQ 2052 .E5 W38 1993

Lotus Sutra: the Sutra that the Lotus Flower the the wonderful Dharma key BQ 2052 .E5 K85 2012

Record the Transmitting the Light, Zen master Keizan's Denkoroku key BQ 9415 .K4513 2003

Original Face: one Anthology of Rinzai Zen key BQ 9366 .O74

Dream Conversations on Buddhism and also Zen main BQ 9268 .M8513 1996

Life and also Teaching of Naropa key BL 1373 .N3 G813

Supreme Source, the an essential Tantra that the Dzogchen Semde main BQ 2180 .S257 N36 1999

Life and also Teachings the Tsong-khapa main BQ 7950 .T753 E5 1982

Tibetan publication of the Dead, together Popularly recognized in the West

Tsong Khapa's decided of yellow in the significance of True Eloquence key BQ 7950 .T754 L4313 1984

Clear Differentiation the the three Codes : essential Distinctions among the individual inter-base.neteration, good Vehicle, and also Tantric systems Main BQ 6135 .S22513 2002

Ordinary Wisdom : Sakya Pandita's Treasury of good Advice main PL 3748 .S2 S813 2000

Ethics because that the brand-new Millenium (by The Dalai Lama) main BJ 1012 .B74 1999

Treasury of the True Dharma Eye Zen grasp Dogen's Shobo Genzo key BQ 9449 .D654 .S53223 2012

This section has actually relied greatly upon an post in RUSQ, v. 52#1 by Kelly Myer Polacek and also Wayne Bivens-Tatum title “Sacred books in English Translation.”