The Flash‘s season 3 premiere sped with the Flashpoint timeline and also didn’t give us a many time to marinate in it. Thankfully, the present didn’t immediately reinstate the status quo in tonight’s episode. As the episode’s location suggest, “Paradox” find Barry reckoning with all of the alters that come as a result of his fiddling with the timeline.

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So, wherein does Barry go once he’s handle with big issues? to Star City. The an initial act the the episode establishes a relatively bouncy rhythm as it jumps in between Barry explaining come Felicity everything that’s changed and reflecting us what readjusted — and, you deserve to be certain that Iris and Joe being on the outs isn’t the only difference. First, a drunk driver eliminated Cisco’s brother and now Cisco is mad at Barry since Barry refuse to run earlier in time to stop it, which provides us more evidence that is without doubt the darkest timeline. You have to imagine Carlos Valdes is having a the majority of fun this season. In the premiere, he got to play rich, contempt douchy Cisco and also now he gets to pat the various other spectrum of the in this episode, a Cisco that’s grieving — and also he’s convincing in both roles.

Second, Barry no longer has the loft lab come himself. He’s currently sharing it through Julian dorn (Tom Felton), the CCPD’s the personality is bad lead CSI and meta-human expert. In his very first episode, Felton presents himself together an interesting and worthy rival for Barry, and also I quite like the idea the complicating Barry’s skilled life due to the fact that it zeroes in on the less super aspects of Barry’s life, which can be much more compelling than villains-of-the-week if given sufficient attention. But more than that: It’s nice that there’s someone in the present who isn’t blown away by his charm.

And the final huge change is one Barry and also Felicity didn’t also see coming: In this timeline, Diggle’s daughter, Sara, has been replaced his son, John. Felicity speak Barry come run earlier home and find a method to fix every little thing he broke.



When The Flash arrives at the scene, he’s surprised to check out Edward Clariss back as The Rival, cheesy costume and all. See, Clariss had actually been having actually visions of his Flashpoint life, which lead him to medical professional Alchemy, a mysterious number who to be able to reclaim his powers. Now, he’s ready to gain revenge top top Barry for ruining his life by resetting the timeline. Since it’s so at an early stage in the episode, Barry stops working to apprehend The Rival.

Edward Clariss’ appearance is associated to a instance that Julian and the CCPD have been tracking. Humans husks have started showing up all around central City and the recent one suitable Clariss’ DNA; although, it’s not entirely described what the husks need to do v Alchemy giving him back his power. Carry out the human being Doctor Alchemy helps burned their old skin once they get their powers back? i don’t know, but that will probably be one of the mysteries walk forward.

Iris to know Barry is hiding something because she uncovered a video clip of Barry and also Clariss’ discussion. She warns him the their connection won’t even have a possibility if he lies come her. So, instead, Barry simply zooms off right into the speed pressure to resolve the timeline yet again. Thankfully, Jay Garrick pulls him out prior to he can do miscellaneous stupid.

It’s revealed the Jay’s been watching Barry for fairly some time and knows about all that his time take trip shenanigans. Jay advises Barry the time traveling causes irreparable damages to the room time continuum and also reminds Barry the the responsibility that come with having actually these powers. And, it’s a lesson the Barry hasn’t quite had spelled the end for him by one more speedster. Together a hero, he’s supposed to stand for the ideal of us, which contains not offering into his regrets and also pushing forward. We’ve watched this present long sufficient to know that Barry struggles with letting go of the past, but let’s hope this conversation help him find his center again.

Barry return to his timeline and also comes clean to Team Flash about why he’s been acting weird. They’re every shocked and also hurt, particularly Cisco who has actually been begging Barry to conserve his brothers for months and he refused. Every Barry deserve to tell Cisco is the he make a failure messing with the timeline and is concentrated on moving forward and hopes Cisco will be maybe to, too.

From there, Barry rushes to the CSI laboratory to uncover out what Julian learned about Edward Clariss’ husk. With that data, Barry is may be to number out whereby The competitor is hiding and also zooms turn off to where he confronted off versus The competitor in critical week’s episode, except this time the rival is the one who brought back-up in the type of the energy-blasting medical professional Alchemy, whose goal is to “prepare the world” by return everyone’s powers.

While Barry is gaining his butt kicked by the Rival and also Doctor Alchemy, Team speed is still handling the large bomb that dropped ~ above them. They decide they don’t desire to recognize what has changed and that it’s in their ideal interest to just move forward. Iris and also Joe do up, and also Cisco comes out of his stupor gradually to put on his fancy gloves and assist Barry loss The Rival. However, don’t suppose a Vibe/The flash team-up every week. Cisco isn’t fairly ready for that yet.

At the finish of the episode, Barry finds Iris wait for the on the porch. She tells him she doesn’t care what she life was choose in Flashpoint since she’s details that they’ll uncover each various other no issue what timeline they’re in. And, then they kiss. However, every little thing isn’t good in the main City hood: Caitlin’s Killer Frost strength are beginning to manifest themselves.

While I chosen “Flashpoint,” I thought “Paradox” was a far stronger episode that to be filled through character beats the really hit house the gravity of Barry’s situation. The display held Barry accountable because that the mess that he’s made and also didn’t let him turn off easily. Yes, the episode was kind of dark, yet that darkness didn’t overpower the episode favor it go for many of critical season. I’m really interested in seeing exactly how Barry navigates this timeline walk forward, particularly his relationship with Iris.

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In the episode-ending stinger, Alchemy pays Clariss a visit in prison and does something come him. Either he killed him, or this isn’t the critical we’ve seen of The Rival.Julian describes to Barry that he doesn’t like him since he doesn’t to trust him. He to know something just isn’t best with Barry and promises to find out what that is. Honestly, that shouldn’t take Julian that long to figure out Barry is the Flash because Barry suck at maintaining that a secret.Do we all agree that Julian is probably Doctor Alchemy? I expect the present to fake united state out many times prior to revealing that to be true. My various other theory: doctor Alchemy is one of two people Dr. Wells or Eddie Thawne native the Flashpoint timeline. How? i don’t know, yet I feel choose it has to be someone us know.