At the wrong finish of the highway,When the lengthy night has actually no end.

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When there’s nobody there beside me,‘Til I organize you as soon as again.

Thank God for the radio as soon as I’m on the road.When I’m much from home and also feelin’ blue.Thank God for the radio playin’ every night long;Playin’ every the songs that typical so lot to me and you.

Thank God because that the radio.

Music is among the finest gifts God has ever before given us. But an ext than that, it’s v the radio whereby we deserve to experience the best of music. Although us are currently living in one era wherein advanced technology dominates, still, prefer the Kendalls, we give thanks to God for the radio. Because that the music when we’re far from home and feeling blue… WE thank GOD because that EVERYTHING!

‘Thank God for the Radio’

“Thank God for the Radio” is a 1984 solitary by The Kendalls. “Thank God because that the Radio” was The Kendalls’ third and critical number one nation hit. In addition, the single went to number one because that one week and spent a total of twelve main on the country chart.

The father and also daughter duo that The Kendalls created a perfect blend of timeless and modern Country music, sparked through Jeannie’s soaring, sensuous vocals. She voice, a high lonesome honky-tonk, has actually a beautiful variety that drips pure emotion.

These lengthy forgotten and also often overlooked recordings space a stellar example of pure true-to-the-roots country music.

The Kendalls

The Kendalls were an American country music duo, consisting of Royce kendall (born Royce Kykendall in Saint Louis, Missouri, September 25, 1935 – may 22, 1998), and his daughter Jeannie kendal (born October 30, 1954).

Between the 1960s and 1990s, they released sixteen albums on assorted labels, including 5 on Mercury Records. In between 1977 and 1985, 22 of your singles got to the optimal 40 on Billboards nation singles charts, including three number one hits, “Heaven’s just a Sin Away” (also a No. 69 pop hit), “Sweet Desire”, and “Thank God because that the Radio”; eight extr singles got to the height Ten.

Watch The Kendalls’ thank God for the Radio.

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