Tonight’s brand-new episode of The Night Shift is entitled “Turbulence,” and also this episode started off with an arrival to Drew’s mommy. He was aboard an airplane through her, Rick, and also Brianna, and all of a sudden, tright here was a require for a doctor on the trip.

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Little did Drew realize just how massive of a require there would certainly be. As the episode progressed, an progressively large variety of civilization found themselves in require of some therapy as the bug spcheck out from one perchild to the next. To make matters even more difficult, there was additionally a woman on the airplane who entered labor after trying to fly to her husband so that they could be together for the birth.

If this was a less-terrific physician, perhaps things would certainly have actually gone a small less successfully. Luckily, this is Drew, and he taken on every little thing much better than anyone else would. With Rick and also his mother at his side, he had the ability to treat everyone well enough so that they might make it ago to San Antonio to get proper therapy.

We teased before the episode that this was a big Brendan Fehr episode (read our interwatch via him for more) — he plainly did not disapallude.

The drama at the hospital and beyond

The show began off with a little little bit of an Amerideserve to Ninja Warrior crossover to additionally promote a cystic fibrosis project — this appeared favor most exercise, and also everyone was wondering wright here in the human being Scott was for much of that. As it turned out, he was gaining a tiny bit of “exercise” of his very own courtesy of his new date. They went back to her room, where she handcuffed him, they began having sex … and also then she passed out. Well, that is awkward. He had to figure out exactly how to assist a womale he barely knew, after simply having actually intercourse through her. She finished up gaining some treatment, yet not without all sorts of cringeworthy moments alengthy the means.

Back at the fundraiser, points took a slightly less-than-fun rotate as soon as some problem damaged out between Kenny and also Paul. Shannon tried to step in to aid the two of them, and also the great news is that ultimately, they were able to start to patch points up a tiny bit. The Night Shift team won, yet in the end, they found themselves having to head back to the hospital to assist some of the people who were sick aboard the plane.

One even more update from the hospital — Cain and also Jordan. That looks to be a point. They’re going dancing!

TC’s new crisis

Apparently, TC was finding more than a objective while in Syria — he additionally had actually slept via Amira. Unfortunately for him, this episode was much from a bed of roses provided that the two had to operate on someone with an explosive attached to them that might reason them — and everyone around them — to be dead in the process.

Unfortunately, there was one more twist that came via also after TC began to treatment for her — she was in need of therapy herself, and also TC wanted to convince her to come ago to the says with him. She wasn’t all over near as interested in doing that … at initially. She ultimately made a decision to get treatment, but in London quite than America. Also, it turns out that she’s … married? Really? Well, this sucks for TC in two different ways.

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Overall take

This was an episode that had actually even more or less everything, whether it be humor, dramatic moments, a plane distribution favor no other, and then also some great moments for not just Drew, however all of the various other characters in the display. In terms of combining medicine via excellent character moments, this was among the ideal episodes of the entirety seakid. Grade: B+.

Wbelow will points go next on The Night Shift?

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