This product is intended because that use just with the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop program.

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You"ve delved the dungeons, looted the towers, and visited other planes in find of brand-new spells. Us beat you to those troves and assembled them right into a tome for this reason mighty also an undead beholder wizard would certainly be jealous!

Over 450 spells for usage in any kind of 5e Dungeons & dragon game!

That"s right! all here, in an easy to usage Fantasy Grounds layout that you deserve to use both on a live table and also offline in character development mode!

Principle Author: Jessica Wolfman

Additional Writing, Editing, and also Fantasy Grounds Coding: Jeffrey "GeoQuester" Quinn


Is this module walking to it is in updated? It seems per front comments, this has actually been throwing errors for part time. I simply purchased and also it"s still not working. Is that dead? ns tried the website because that the creators earlier from the might 3rd, 2018 comment below and it"s no active.
I didn"t notice that there was this error till after ns purchased which was a bummer, yet I did regulate to do minimal job-related to acquire past it.Steps to take:1. Do a copy that the .mod file (always great practice prior to you mess with anything)2. Move the original into another folder that you can discover later and also keep the copy in your FGU modules folder3. Working with the copy, rename it so the it is a .zip file instead that a .mod4. Open up the zip record and extract the .xml file. (I retained it in the module folder, yet doesn"t matter)5. Open up the .xml file using Notepad++6. Delete line 15063 completely and conserve the .xml file.7. Traction the .xml record back right into the .zip file over-writing the currently .xml file.8. Rename the .zip record back come a .mod document AND remove the "-copy" at the end of the name leaving it through the initial name the the mod.9. Relaunch FGU and also load the module v the LibraryThat operated for me. Hopefully it...See more does for anyone else who had actually that issue.

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Any opportunity we get assets or our money back for the 2 Kickstarters girlfriend did from two YEARS AGO!?
i am perplexed with few of the spells favor wing gifting the says range of 100 and then in the message it claims touch
I noticed that a large number the spells that room in the online variation of this spell list are not in this module. Space they missing on purpose? For instance Whip of Vermin.
Christopher RSeptember 30, 2018 9:14 to be UTC
Will this only job-related with Fantasy Grounds, or can the spells be review in a record too?
Gabriel SJuly 06, 2018 3:41 to be UTC
Just to it is in sure... What you expected from the "Not really" in the name? :P something still in development or simply a joke? xD