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track List--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The Hills (Remix)2. Girlfriend Decide3. Ns ll never ever Be feat. Parker4. Million disagreement Pussy5. Friend re mine Only6. B.A.D. Feat. Lil Wayne7. Dirty feat. Busta Rhymes8. Wamables9. Chi-Raq (Feat. Lil Herb)10. Ceo Ass Bitch (Jeff Duran Remix)11. Lookin" Ass Nigga12. For this reason Bad13. Dope Dealer (feat. Meek Mill rick Ross)14. To buy A love (Jeff Duran Remix)15. Nicki Minaj Ft. Riff Raff Anaconda (Jeff Duran Remix)

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00-cover.jpg (45.8 KB)01_-_The_Hills_(Remix)--( (8.7 MB)02_-_You_Decide--( (7.9 MB)03_-_I_Ll_Never_Be_Feat_Parker--( (4.6 MB)04_-_Million_Dollar_Pussy--( (5.8 MB)05_-_You_Re_My_Only--( (7.0 MB)06_-_BAD_Feat_Lil_Wayne--( (5.1 MB)07_-_Dirty_Feat_Busta_Rhymes--( (4.5 MB)08_-_Wamables--( (7.0 MB)09_-_Chi-Raq_(Feat_Lil_Herb)--( (3.6 MB)10_-_Boss_Ass_Bitch_(Jeff_Duran_Remix)--( (3.8 MB)11_-_Lookin_Ass_Nigga--( (6.8 MB)12_-_So_Bad--( (7.8 MB)13_-_Dope_Dealer_(Feat_Meek_Mill_Rick_Ross)--( (6.2 MB)14_-_Buy_A_Heart_(Jeff_Duran_Remix)--( (3.4 MB)15_-_Nicki_Minaj_Ft_Riff_Raff_Anaconda_(Jeff_Duran_Remix)--( (10.4 MB)Listen and Download countless Mixtapes for complimentary (0.3 KB)Thousands that Mixtapes for complimentary (0.1 KB)

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