Ted Lasso began its second season through killing turn off a dog, and also it looks prefer “Man City,” this season’s eighth episode, could offer a similar shock. The opens, unusually, in Doc Sharon’s apartment, a place we’ve never ever seen before and one that doesn’t seem particularly imbued through her personality. It is fitting because that an apartment that has been listed by AFC Richmond, as we’ll learn later. It’s not home. This is just a temporary plan for Sharon, a gig that will lead to the next gig. But it’s one that, as confirmed by Sharon’s conversation through her very own therapist, is difficult her in methods she had actually not expected. And, at least for a moment between the last seconds prior to the opening credits and the episode’s first few scenes, it seems choose it might be her last assignment.

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“Ted Lasso is steering me fucking crazy,” Sharon tells her therapist. She continues, “He refuses to open up up, and also when that gets everywhere close to gift vulnerable, the fires off a zinger of part obscure referral to miscellaneous very specific to a 40-year-old white man from center America.” Sharon has actually Ted’s number (and, to part extent, Ted Lasso’s writers’ numbers, too), however Sharon’s therapist sees a connection. Ted deflects intimacy and vulnerability with humor and also amiability; Sharon go the exact same with she formidable intellect. But Sharon does have actually joy in her life. She loves riding her bike, hearne to root Manuva, and giving what-for come those in she way. Yet when she meets one oncoming auto head-on, she mobile reverie pertains to an end.

Fortunately, that’s not the end of Sharon. That would be a cheap shock top top the part of the show, and, honestly, illustration out the suspense of even if it is or no Sharon has actually been eliminated or seriously injured seems cheap enough already. She fine, except a minor concussion. However the injury also reveals how frustrated she is v Ted’s resistance come therapy and also Ted in general. She head-injury-induced voice-mails come him can’t hide her feelings about him (or her lovely to sing voice), and also she seems an ext annoyed than grateful when he’s the one who mirrors up at the hospital, where he’s failure for her husband and also milks the misunderstanding for all the comedy that can.

Still, the is there for her, commonly calling to examine in on her and also being annoyingly to chat in the process. (Or is the entertainingly annoying?) He’s also discreet in not commenting on every the north bottles he sees around her apartment. (And Ted’s been recognized to knock earlier a few too plenty of by himself as well.) In a weird way, they acquire each other, which opens the door for him come tell her something he’s never told her prior to as the episode draws come an end.

But that’s later. First, there’s the matter of preparing for the large match against Manchester City at Wembley Stadium, the location where Queen and others played Live Aid. (Or at least that’s Ted’s structure of reference, no realizing that this Wembley changed that Wembley.) however there’s drama bordering the lead-up come the match. First, Roy has to deal with Phoebe’s swearing habit. (And where might she have picked the up?) that a funny little bit of business, though, and it’s constantly fun to see those 2 together, yet the cutesy scenes don’t really add much to a supersize 45-minute episode.

They also delay getting to an ext pressing matters, favor the culmination the Sam and Rebecca’s Bantr flirtation, i beg your pardon Sam approaches with a great deal that optimism before realizing the identity of his match. And why do not do it he? His protests have actually helped drive the polluting oil firm out the Nigeria, and he has actually — thanks to Isaac, that brings a good deal that ceremony come the occasion — a sharp brand-new haircut the attracts compliments everywhere he goes. That it’s Rebecca who reflects up once he asks to accomplish “Bossgirl” in human doesn’t reason that positive outlook to fade.

Rebecca, ~ above the various other hand, takes some persuading. She his boss, ~ all, and also he’s simply 21. However Sam’s a tires 21, and also he believes in the link they’ve formed online, or at the very least doesn’t want to offer up on it without one ideal date: a quite meal, a satisfied conversation — it doesn’t have to go any further than that.

And yet, the does go further. Rebecca remains cautious — if nothing else, yes sir an ethical issue here — but she rod around, and they have actually a lover time together. As soon as Sam asks for a 2nd date at the finish of the night, she rejects him, but only sort of. There’s a kiss and also some hesitation, and also they agree the can’t occur again. But, again, just sort of. There’s simply too much chemistry over there — and also Hannah Waddingham and Toheeb Jimoh play it so well with each other — come let go entirely.

Before every that, Sam shares a nice minute with his father, who couldn’t it is in prouder of his kid for his activism and accomplishments. All that stands in stark comparison to Jamie’s father, James (Kieran O’Brien), a demanding, abusive male who’s to be offscreen all season till now yet whose visibility has, together always, loomed end Jamie. If requesting some tickets for his dad native Higgins, whose latest “office” has to be his worst yet, Jamie receives part advice about accepting his dad for who he is and also forgiving the for no being the dad Jamie wants him come be.

But that’s simpler said 보다 done as soon as your father is as huge a jerk together Jamie’s, who mirrors up to the enhance wearing a man City uniform and, with a team of friend that has somebody called “Bug,” behaves abominably throughout. After the Greyhounds shed the match, James doubles down, arriving in the locker room and also chewing the end his child in prior of the totality team. The awful, so terrible that Roy is moved to hug his onetime foe as everyone else watch on in shock and pity.

This lose will have consequences. It’s going to take it Jamie a long time to recoup from a twin dose of humiliation (and the unclear how hell respond), and Beard — who’s so frustrated that at one allude he clears his cap for the first time in the whole series — heads turn off to do God to know what in the London night. The team spirit appears to it is in broken, and though Ted renders it through the night without surrendering to a panic attack, it division him down sufficient that he knows he has to level with Sharon around one source of his troubles: his father’s death by suicide. Ted has actually alluded to his father before, speak of him in tones that said there to be something he no saying around his loss. Simply walking v Sharon’s door was a substantial step. Talking about this, also briefly, appears bigger still.

The night does finish well for Rebecca and also Sam, however. Fairly than providing up, he tenderness persists, showing up on her doorstep but letting she take the first step outside to meet him. Whereby is this going? neither of them knows, and also there are noticeable stumbling blocks to the relationship. But, together the episode ends, none of that seems to matter.


• The most prompt stumbling block: Both the them have been playing out the lead-up come this connection for one audience. Rebecca has her crew, and also Sam has the totality team rooting for him. They’re walk to mean a report.

• Nice bit of Sudeikis acting: the moment when he forces himself to protect against crying and put ~ above the Ted Lasso influence when talk to Beard.

• Ted Lasso has been supplying indirect book recommendations in numerous episodes this season. We observed Beard analysis Simon Kuper’s Football versus the Enemy, a examine of the intersection in between football and also politics. This main Ted takes a long look in ~ The middle Passage: from Misery to an interpretation in Midlife, Jungian psychologist James Hollis’s 1993 overview to navigating midlife crises.

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• Keeley has some pretty moments with Rebecca this week, yet she still feels a little sidelined indigenous the action this season, doesn’t she?

• ~ his dark turn last week, we only acquire a few glimpses of Nate this week, and also he greatly seems chipper and eager to participate in team life. We’re probably not done v his heel rotate yet, though.

• The large question: anyone loves Ted, yet can the team justify maintaining him top top if it keeps losing?