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After last week’s hit – I mean we could speak to it “who said that?”-gate – the females of Atlanta are absolutely not out of the woods. And also since Kandi skilled the brunt the the gossip, it’s no shock the she decides to action away indigenous the

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Surprisingly, even though Porsha got dubbed out because that gossiping around Kandi, she makes it clear that being exposed hasn’t fazed her. In fact, she seems downright chipper as soon as the team gets top top the bus to go back home. However Shereé doesn’t think Phaedra should acquire away v as lot as she already has, so she goes in top top Porsha’s an alleged bestie. As with the night before, Phaedra theatre the fool and also even says she wasn’t there for those conversations about Kandi’s sexuality. Shereé offers Phaedra the next eye on that one, understandably, and even though it seems to it is in a joke in the group now, the topic certainly won’t it is in dropped.

Kandi call a team meeting through Todd, Carmen, Don Juan, and her whole work to offer the details on what she had to go v the night before. When she reveals the Porsha to be the one to begin the rumor, everyone goes into fits, consisting of Don Juan, who simply gets up and also paces the room. Supposedly Porsha has had her own experiences with women, including Kandi – which started innocently yet escalated as soon as Porsha asked come go under on her. To Kandi and also the group, this screams that Porsha has actually done this before, therefore they’re all shocked at why she would certainly even try to do it sound prefer a bad thing, much less suggest to Kandi together the only one who’s ever experimented. But it looks like Kandi can get the critical word: Porsha reaches the end to have actually a sit down and also get past the drama.

Before we can gain to that gold, each of the ladies have a loose ends to tie up. First, Kenya invites Cynthia and also Mal to a vaginal rejuvenation specialist – for Cynthia, no for Kenya. She isn’t inviting she buddies simply to watch. Kenya feel that now that Cynthia’s divorce is closed, she deserves a fresh start in the physical sense. Cynthia appears down for the fast procedure, yet upon see the large laser dildo, she starts to question what she’s gained herself into. The physician appeases she by speak it just takes a minutes and also doesn’t have actually any negative side results – well, various other than the opportunity of boosted random orgasms. Not exactly a poor payoff, but Cynthia provides it clean she doesn’t want to it is in popping off down there every time she hits a speed bump ~ above the road.

Handling she own form of rejuvenation, Phaedra stop by she lawyer’s office to obtain some amazing ninter-base.nets on her divorce. The lawyer speak Phaedra that the divorce is now final: She’s completely complimentary to start looking for a lease ~ above life and also love. Phaedra tears up over the ninter-base.nets, but it’s difficult to call just exactly how emotional she is behind those gigantic glasses she has on. The lawyer does include that Apollo hasn’t been told the divorce walk through, meaning Phaedra has to be the one to rest the ninter-base.nets. Exactly how fun! with that, she heads out, ready to tell she buddy Porsha everything.

Kicking turn off with an excellent ninter-base.nets, Porsha it s okay to display off she house – er, mansion. The beautiful residence is, that course, well into the over-a-million-dollars range, however Porsha is in love with how much space she has. And let’s expect it to be a recent move, since there’s not lot décor or furniture in there. After gushing about the space, Porsha and also Phaedra acquire into the tricky talk, together Phaedra reveals that she told Apollo the the divorce has actually gone through. Supposedly Apollo was crushed, also though he has actually a girlfriend no one is supposed to know about. Phaedra is happy to relocate on, yet she seems pretty excited to hear Apollo is still absent her. Destruction that knife in and twist it, girl!

Cynthia’s line, CARGO, is booming, and also she wants to present off the success to her girlfriends, which means it’s time come hold an additional fashion present – this time in Atlanta. Gift the savvy businesswoman the she is, her an initial thought is the Shereé’s son, who just acquired into modeling. Cynthia call Shereé in because that a meeting and also shares the exciting ninter-base.nets, only to be met through a perform of questions from the momager. Will certainly he obtain paid? Does he get any perks? Staring blankly at her friend, Cynthia provides it clean this is a project for experience, no pay, yet he’ll gain a CARGO backpack for walking in the show. Shereé is no at every impressed. She seems pretty offended her son couldn’t book a payment gig, however Cynthia reminds her that walking in ~ all will certainly be a vast boost because that Kairo’s career, and he won’t be seeing legit pay till he’s further down the road.

As far as friendships go in this group, that seems like the rocky dynamics between Porsha and Kandi room spreading. And also the drama isn’t over because that those two, even when they satisfy for lunch to walk over everything. Porsha provides a polite hello, however the stress and anxiety is the waiting is for this reason thick, Kandi needs to wear goggle-sized glasses. That doesn’t take long before the two obtain into it. Porsha explains that she doesn’t think the totality thing is a large deal, regardless of how upset Kandi is. Pulling the hypocrite card, Porsha then describes that also if she walk hurt Kandi, she doesn’t appreciate how much Kandi has actually been saying to Shereé about the totality Block situation. Once again, Kandi is required to define that she never said anything around Porsha and Block sleeping together; she just said they had actually dated in ~ one point. Why Porsha can’t it seems ~ to acknowledge that, nobody knows.

Kandi reminds Porsha the she told her every the different positions she and also Block have been in (in bed). “I don’t live my life in mystery like girlfriend do,” Kandi says. This sets turn off Porsha, that starts spinter-base.neting monster accusations around Kandi having actually a sex dungeon in her house and also being in a relationship with a mrs for seven years. Kandi goes ideal to the sex dungeon: If she had actually one, she says, she would tell everyone about it because “that would certainly be cool.” however she gets organized up top top the comment around a partnership with an additional lady. Apparently, Porsha has actually this girl’s number, which Kandi asks for so she deserve to squash this nonsense.

Porsha claims that anyone knows Kandi slept v R&B groups early on in she career to acquire where she is, sending out Kandi right into a flurry of giggles v a side of side eye. “You weren’t on every those music videos cause you was cute,” states Kandi, insinuating Porsha was yes, really the one who slept approximately to acquire some work. Needless to say, they aren’t really gaining along anymore, so Kandi calls that a day. Following week, for part reason, anyone decides to go on a trip to Maui, therefore at the very least they’ll proceed this never-ending fight in a tropical setting.

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