In the context of a database table, the statement "A___B" suggests that if you know the value of attribute A, you have the right to look increase the worth of attribute B.

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The attribute B is ___ the attribute A if each worth in column A determines one and also only one worth in column B.
A ___ an essential can be explained as a superkey without unnecessary attributes, the is, a minimal superkey.
The ___ constraint can be put on a column to ensure the every row in the table has a value for that column.
To be considered minimally relational, the DBMS must support the vital relational operators ____, PROJECT and also JOIN.
____, also known together RESTRICT, yields worths for all rows uncovered in a table that accomplish a offered condition.
A(n) ____ join links tables by picking only the rows with typical values in their common attribute(s).
A ___ contains at least all of the attribute names and characteristics because that each table in the system.
The ___ is actually a system-created database who tables store the user/designer-created database characteristics and contents.
In a database context, a(n) ___ indicates the use of different names to define the very same attribute.
When you define a table"s primary key, the DBMS automatically creates a(n) ___ index on the primary key column(s) girlfriend declared.
Codd"s rule of ___ states: applications programs & ad hoc infrastructure are logically unaffected when alters are made to the table frameworks that keep the initial table values (changing bespeak of columns or inserting columns.)
Codd"s rule of ___ states: If the device supports low-level access to the data, users have to not be allowed to bypass the integrity rule of the database.
Although the theoretical model deserve to handle ____ relationships and multivalued attributes, you have to not implement lock in the RDBMS.

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An reality is claimed to it is in ___-dependent if it deserve to exist in the database only once it is associated with another related
A ____ entity has a primary key that is partly or completely derived indigenous the parent entity in the relationship.