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Transcribed picture text: 52. What form of blood vessels has actually the slowest velocity that blood flow? A. Arteries C. Veins B. Arterioles D. Capillaries 53. The velocity of blood circulation is the lowest in capillaries due to the fact that A. The capillary walls room not thin enough to permit oxygen to exchange v the cells B. The capillaries have actually internal valves that slow-moving the circulation of blood C. The diastolic blood push is as well low to deliver blood to the capillaries at a high circulation rate D. The systemic capillaries are provided by the left ventricle, which has actually a reduced cardiac output 보다 the ideal ventricle E. The total cross-sectional area of the capillaries is better than the full cross-sectional area of the arteries or any other part of the circulatory mechanism 54. Blood return to the mammalian love in a pulmonary vein drains an initial into the A. Vena cava D. Left ventricle E. Best ventricle B. Left atrium C. Ideal atrium 55. I m sorry of the 4 muscular chambers the the human being heart straight propels blood right into the pulmonary circulation? A. Appropriate atrium B. Appropriate ventricle C. Left atrium D. Left ventricle 56. The liquid that is moved by in the circulatory system of a typical arthropod is A. Cradle juices B. Hemolymph C. Blood plasma D. Cytosol 57. The plasma proteins and also other solutes in the blood in humans A. Maintain the blood's osmotic press B. Transport water-soluble lipids C. Bring out gas exchange undergo aerobic management E. Deliver oxygen D. 58. If a molecule the carbon dioxide enters the blood in your left toe and also is exhaled from her nose, it have to pass through all of the following other than A. The pulmonary vein D. The appropriate atrium E. The ideal ventricle B. One alveolus C. The trachea 59. The pacemaker cells are found in what structure? A. Sinoatrial node C. Left atrium D. Aorta B. The ventricles 60. Whereby is the velocity of blood the highest? A. Inferior vena cava C. Little arteries В. аorta D. Capillaries 61. Blockage that vessels providing blood come the love itself is dubbed myocardial infarction or a heart assault A. Dubbed arteriosclerosis C. B.

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Caused by hardening that the arteries D. Impede by the use of nicotine