the frequent repetition of an act, to the extent that it becomes a properties of a team of world is a Custom
A recurring act perform by one individual habit
folk cultures are spread primarily spread by what diffusion? Relocation
what is an example of individual culture? the use of a horse and also buggy through the Amish in the U.S
where are the significant hearths the the U.S country music located? Southern Appalachia, main Tennessee, Kentucky, Ozark & Ouachita Uplands, eastern Oklahoma, North central Texas
why are people songs distinguished from well-known songs? Folk songs originate native an anonymous author and tell stories of daily tasks or exactly how to flourish crops. People songs space passed down through the generations. Famous songss are made by a specific person because that the function of make money
ame an example of a folk cuztom used to diffuse information around agriculture songs
the spatial circulation of soccer throughout the 20th century is an instance of popular culture
a border on actions imposed by a social custom is a taboo
a taboo against pork is a characteristic of what two religons? Jewish and also Islamic
why go china create a big maount the pork compared to other countries of southern Asia? China go not have a taboo against pork like many other nations in south Asia.
the Yuan and also Shan individuals in northern Thailand sleep with their heads towards the east because they take into consideration it the most auspicious direction
which that the complying with is not critical factor in distiguishing various folk housing species in the U.S? Size of building
today, house varieties of the U.S room ditinguished through all but what? they display couple of regional distinctions
16.The most essential house style in the U.S. Due to the fact that the 1960s is known as Neo-eclectic
17.In i beg your pardon state would certainly alcohol intake be an extremely low? Utah
18.Which aspect of the regional physical setting is vital for alcohol production? A.ClimateB. SoilC. Topography
19.The variety of television set per human is biggest in . Europe
20.The choice of apparel in Western nations is strongly affected by A.Occupation
21.Why do world maintain your folk culture despite familiarity with renowned culture? Generally world maintain their folk culture in stimulate to organize on to their unique traditions and also culture. Sometimes civilization maintain your folk culture for religious purposes.
The physics environment frequently plays crucial role in the advancement of distinct folk customs. false
The origin of well-known music is a an excellent example of how folk culture originates. false
A major factor in the diffusion of brothers football was the presence of brother citizens in other countries. true
In general, folk culture is much more likely to reason greater energy of the landscape than well-known culture. false
Two social groups living in near proximity will certainly retain unique social personalizeds if over there is limited interaction between them. True
House varieties in the east U.S. Can be traced to three source areas: Michigan, Chesapeake Bay, and Ohio. false
Food taboos commonly derive from unique elements of the physics environment. false
Leaders of many arising countries fear that the spread out of American renowned culture, will destroy classic social behavior. true
Although folk cultures have the same process of origin as famous culture, they have a more limited process the diffusion. true
Adoption of west popular society seldom results in the elimination of classic folk culture. false
The adoption of popular custom depends mainly on the lot of disposable income.

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Hotels, fast-food restaurants, and other franchises encourage a uniform appearance on the see to promote customer recognition. true