One in this collection of western dramas set in 1890s Wyoming ~ above the Shiloh Ranch, which is own by referee Henry Garth and managed by the laconic foreman known as "the Virginian." In this episode, the affect of atmosphere on one"s character is examined as soon as the referee takes Matthew Cordell, one embittered ex-convict, under his wing. At the insistence that the Virginian, the judge convinces the liberal-minded warden that the state penitentiary to special amnesty Matthew Cordell right into his custody, whereby he will be employed as a blacksmith. Incarcerated for most of his life, the sullen, mistrustful stranger feel uncomfortable through the idyllic rhythms the ranch life and also prefers his very own company, which raises the ire the his an ext gregarious bunkmates. Regardless of her father"s intervention, Betsy find herself drawn to Cordell and also tries to pull him the end of his shell. However, as soon as a drunken cowboy picks a fight at a local dance, Cordell"s inherent propensity for violence threatens to jeopardize his newfound freedom. Advertising deleted. (Series title varies: together above, 1962-1970; as "The men from Shiloh," 1970-1971.)


NETWORK: NBC DATE: October 16, 1963 Wednesday 7:30 afternoon RUNNING TIME: 1:15:06 COLOR/B&W: color CATALOG ID: T82:0350 GENRE: Drama, west SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, western SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1962-1970 COMMERCIALS:


open minded Price … executive, management Producer Jules Schermer … Producer Stuart Heisler … manager Frank follow … Writer Owen Wister … based on the publication by David Buttolph … Music through Percy confidence … theme Music by Lee J. Cobb … Cast, referee Henry Garth Doug McClure … Cast, Trampas Gary Clarke … Cast, Steve James Drury … Cast, the Virginian Robert Redford … Cast, Matthew Cordell Roberta shore … Cast, Betsy Garth Patricia Blair … Cast, Rita Marlow Simon Scott … Cast, Fred Harris Don O"Kelly … Cast, Deke L.Q. Jones … Cast, Belden Ross Elliott … Cast, Sheriff Abbott Jon Locke … Cast, Johnson man Bryant … Cast, candid Mason Frank chase … Cast, Wrangler Jack Catron … Cast, the safety Leonard P. Geer … Cast, the Driver proceed searching the repertoire ➾

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