THE walking DEAD season 8 is ago following what seemed like a never-ending break. Here’s just how to watch illustration 10, The Lost and the Plunderers, online.

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The go Dead season 8, illustration 10

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WARNING: This short article inter-base.netntains spoiler for season 8 that The wade Dead

How to watch The walking Dead season 8, episode 10 online

The seinter-base.netnd fifty percent of the eighth season of the AMC zombie horror collection started back up in ~ the finish of February.

The heartbreaking episode witnessed the death of beloved personality Carl Grimes (played by Chandler Riggs).

New illustration of The go Dead are very first broadcast top top AMC in the united state on Sunday nights.

Episodes likewise drop on Sky’s streaming organization NOW TV top top 9pm ~ above Monday nights.

THE go DEAD SEASON 8 episode 11 PROMO

A comfortable trick to watch The wade Dead digital is to authorize up because that a totally free trial on now TV.

The psychological is 14 days, allowing you to watch two episodes of season eight. When the attempt is finished customers deserve to either made decision to inter-base.netntinue or publication the £7.99 a month subscription.

Season eight is also obtainable through Amazon prompt Video, yet not Amazon prime unfortunately.

New episodes are added weekly at a inter-base.netst of £1.89 every episode.

The series can likewise be purchased on iTunes or Google Play movies & TV because that £24.99.



Season 8 fall weekly on now TV

What wake up in The walking Dead season 8, illustration 10?

The illustration picks increase after the destructive events of illustration 9 in i m sorry Carl revealed he had actually been bitten by a Walker and subsequently take away his very own life before he inter-base.netuld be turned right into a zombie.

The main synopsis from AMC for illustration 10 is: “Groups hold together their forces and inter-base.netnverge on the Hilltop.

IS LAUREN inter-base.netHAN leaving THE go DEAD?


Rick in episode 10

“Meanwhile, Aaron (played by Ross Marquand) and Enid (Katelyn Nainter-base.netn) find for allies.

“Simon (Steven Ogg) bring away matters into his own hands.”

DOES NEGAN die IN THE wade DEAD inter-base.netMIC BOOKS?


Negan in illustration 10

How many episodes room in The go Dead season 10?

Season eight is expected to run for 16 illustration in total.

The next episode come air is the 11th in the season and is title Dead or Alive.

The wade Dead season 8 airs ~ above FOX UK and NOW TV on Mondays at 9pm.

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