Have you ever had that moment where you are gob smacked? Well, i feel ns have. The only means to uncover out is to travel to much more than 3 holiday destinations in life. The an ext landscape you watch – the much more natural beauty you see.

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There is nothing more satisfying 보다 freeze framing a moment and seeing the beauty. Yes, take a photo it will last longer. We are mere ants life on this huge planet. As scarey together it might seem – venturing the end is rewarding.

The problem is life is too short. The much more we hold ago wishing we had something. The more difficult it i do not care to appreciate the civilization for it’s natural beauty. The much more it is making people feel unwell in themselves. The less connected we room too our innate attributes the worse we end up being towards one another. Nature has actually the capacity to make us feel balanced.

2. Sea/Ocean/Lakes

What a beloved setting! yes – just think….

Why do surfers think in God? The sea is the many dangerous and destructive thing on the planet. We have no regulate over the tides or current forces. These facets are filled v different varieties of pets – lock too have the right to be the most harmful point to man. So, a surfer place his or her to trust in God to survive.


I feel I essential to wonder why, Bethany Hamilton to be able to overcome her fears and face the waves as soon as more.Actually being in the sea, i feel helpless and scared once I walk too much out. I am not ashamed to recognize it. I view the depth and also I feel tiny but then i feel safe discovering I made it back to shore. Ns realise the sea is the most amazing sensual thing out there to patience a human – hearing the tide hit the shore. Watching the white horses roll end on the cusp, hit the surf and crash versus the land. Simply thinking around it helps patience anyone down.

3. Animals

They room dangerous and beautiful. I look at a lion and also I feel scared however amazed at just how beautiful looking lock are. So countless different varieties of types – how deserve to anyone no think the diversity is beautiful?

I have the right to imagine stroking a lion and it purring choose a cat – however like red speak hood i would strategy with caution:

“My, mine – My…. What big teeth friend have!”

Just as I speak the lion roars and also eats me. The is understandable – ns am in the lions world; he deserve to smell mine fear. Therefore, animals who can eat us room still beautiful and also we sit back in awe – contents our stays are separate.

4. Food

It is beautiful. Ready by a chef or you yourself or people you love – food is compared to beauty.

You can be your own decorative experienced – creating plates the creation; mix herbs and also spices to do it taste like ambrosia (food from the God’s.)


Nowadays we take pictures and instagram the minute we have had a cooking experience. Imagine life without being able come eat!

Food is vital so it need to be beautiful or rather we would certainly not survive..

5. Music

From Brahams come Tchaikovsky; BB King come ZZ Top; Bob Marley come Sepultura; DJ new to Johnny Cash, or, steel Maiden, or, Muse, or, faith Hill, or, Pink, Paul valve Dyke, to Avici; Scooter to Maddona; the Beatles to Led Zeppelin; planet Wind and Fire come Robin S, or, Papa Roach…You surname it – there is music because that every taste imaginable.

“If music be the food for love, play on” Twelve Night act 1, scene 1 ~ Shakespeare.

The power of music is straightforward it basically unites people and also gets them come express themselves through dance which create that remarkable feeling throughout the body. Music is a beautiful thing forcing united state to come together and interact with one another. It is an effective and straightforward.

If noþeles sinister happens in a film straight method you understand what happens due to the fact that the sounds and also the music. Her senses room on high alert. Music is the many appropriate means to find human being with a like minded strategy to life.

6. Smiling

Look friend may have actually crooked this – you may have discolouration on them: who cares.

“Just smile and the whole world will smile through you.”

Apparently it uses countless muscles and also it is therapeutic. I was told laugh on the phone always helps due to the fact that the various other person can feel it on the other side.A laugh is beautiful and has numerous different type of means for world to be positive.

7. Flowers

Recieving the following: Romantic flowers, friendship flowers, flower for kindness, flowers once your ill, Birthdays, a new job, baby showers, weddings, relocating …. You surname it – flower power deserve to be beautiful.

8. Children

They to speak funny things because the world is new to them. They room amazing and also children room beautiful. Why? because they find out so quickly and they can impress you with a new way of act things. Kids are simply wonderful to be approximately – city hall them endure life in different way is the many beautiful thing in the world.

9. Reading

Our imaginations would continue to it is in weird and also wonderful with reading.

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10. Dancing/moshing

I am not the best dancer in the world yet being silly is the way I would carry out the task of dancing. The is good for friend – the gets her heart racing. You tide your hands around silly. The is good to get human being together.