“This tiny Light that Mine” is a classic gospel song written by bother Dixon Loes and very first collected through musicologist john Lomax in 1939.It was frequently sung during civil… read More 

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There’s a small flame inside us allSome shine bright, part shine smallThe rains will certainly come and also the waters riseBut nothing you ever lose her lightIn this life you will certainly knowLove and also pain, joy and also sorrowSo when it hurts, as soon as times acquire hardDon’t forget whose boy you areThis small light the mineI’m gonna let the shineThis tiny light the mineI’m gonna let that shine, gonna let it shineMay girlfriend live each day with no regretMake the most of every possibility you getLet your eyes get vast when girlfriend look in ~ the starsWith the exact same sense of wonder as a children heartWith the ones friend love treasure the timeAnd for those who space gone store their storage aliveHold on come your desires don’t ever let goThere’s a fire within you burning v hopeThis small light of mineI’m gonna let the shineThis little light that mineI’m gonna let that shine, gonna let that shine
There will be days as soon as you desire to offer upWhen the clouds settle inBut after ~ the rain comes the sunDon’t you ever before forgetOne day there will be no an ext painAnd we will ultimately see Jesus’ faceSo till then i’m gonna come tryTo brave the dark and let my small light shineThis tiny light of mineI’m gonna let that shineThis small light of mineI’m gonna let it shine, gonna let that shineThere’s a little light inside us all
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“This small Light the Mine” is a timeless gospel tune written by harry Dixon Loes and very first collected by musicologist man Lomax in 1939.

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It was frequently sung throughout civil legal rights protests in the ‘50s & "60s, when Sam Cooke’s version was popular.

The song’s theme has been attributed to a variety of potential scriptural sources:

Matthew 5:16

Let your light shine before men, that they might see your fine works and also give glory to your Father who is in the heaven.

Luke 11:33

No man, once he afoot lighted a candle, putteth it in a mystery place, neither under a bushel, yet on a candlestick, the they i m sorry come in may see the light.

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Matthew 5:14–15

Ye are the irradiate of the world. A city the is collection on an hill cannot be hid. No do guys light a candle and also put that under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light depend all that space in the house.

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Stories (2010)
Addison Road
This little Light the Mine
Written By
Harry Dixon Loes
Release Date
Cover Of
This small Light the Mine by St. Paul Baptist Choir
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