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Pavilions might be scheduled by a city Resident by call the town Clerk"s office at 741-8938. The first business Day in March annually is the very first date that you may book the pavilions. If your business is in Clarence, girlfriend may have your agency picnic in the Clarence Parks. Every one of the applications should be authorized by the town Clerk"s office. Friend may also reserve the Clubhouse and also Legion hall at the city Clerk"s office.

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Application for use of town Park Pavilions(note: Rates enhanced for 2021 bookings)

The Clubhouse is because that nonprofit organizations for meetings, handmade shows, banquets, etc. There might be fees contained in particular functions. The Legion Hall have the right to be booked because that meetings, private parties, etc. Over there is a fee and deposit compelled for exclusive parties.

The adhering to rules apply to each park noted on the links below the map:

No Pets, No Glass Containers, No Alcohol (Beer with a permit)Parks open mid May and also Close mid OctoberPark hrs (Mon - Sun)Grounds: 7:30 am - 11:00 PMPavilions: 8:00 to be - 11:00 PM

Bike follow Map/Brochure- (Peanut heat Trail runs from Transit road to Newstead town Line.This isapproximately 7.5 miles. Follow me this route is access to 2 of our city Parks - Meadowlakes Park and Memorial Park. Follow me the trail are benches and mile markers. The West shore Trail runs from Wehrle journey to Newstead city Line. This is approcimately 4 miles. This route runs v the Clarence main Street city Park and additionally a city Municipal Parking area and also theClarence Farmers sector (in the summermonths). Benches are likewise along this trail for resting.

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Off of the Peanut line trail is an additional path the runs from Heise roadway till roughly Roll Road, v the Waterford Subdivision. Both the Peanut Line and West coast trails, not only run through several of the city of Clarence Hamilets, but alsoconnects to the city of Newstead Trails, enabling you come travel right into the town of Akron).