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Dragonforce collab. I think that this is the an initial time I ever before tried something favor this and also working through lyrics in a song. The tune is a parody together is the title, i m sorry obviously renders no sense in ~ all. I think i remember somebody calling it that years back and finding it really funny. Just to it is in clear; i am a pan of Dragonforce and also Through the Fire and also Flames. I take into consideration it come be the greatest Guitar Hero song and chart ever made. Additionally holy ** I’m impressed just how seamless the outro section is whereby he sings “Through the Thunder and also the Flames”. Ns spliced in the word from another component where the says “We’re cost-free before the Thunderstorm”. Ns didn’t mean it come work out therefore smoothly! If girlfriend are familiar with the through the Fire and Flames chart, the solo is going to be significant deja vu.

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Also, if girlfriend didn’t check out it, DarklyinDarknessGH got the first Patterns 4 FC. That means I’ll it is in making patterns 4+ and also you have the right to expect it to be difficult as hell! be affected by each other in mental I’m away for most of this month, so it can be a while.

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(Full credit to Exilelord for the hacks offered in this song and for the instructions)

1) Make sure you room running the GH3+ hack.2) include the song via GHTCP making use of “Through the Thunder and The Flames.ogg” together the audio, “tttatf.chart” together the chart, and using the track name “tttatf”. It will certainly not work-related if named anything else.3) after the song is included copy the detailed “tttatf_song.pak.xen” right into “DATASONGS” overwriting the paper that is there.4) you are good to go.