Tim Brown said that enshrinement in the hall of reputation is an "honor you can"t even think about" in his decided on Saturday.

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legend Oakland Raiders large receiver Tim Brown was inducted into the room of Fame and also gave a speech at his enshrinement consciousness on Saturday. Brown started off by gaining the Raiders pan in attendance come chant the team"s name, saying that he had to obtain that in there prior to Jerome Bettis come in and also "blows the house up," offered the many Pittsburgh Steelers fans in attendance.

"This is an honor you can"t even think about," Brown said, "You play great football, yet you don"t ever before look at yourself together someone who deserve to be in the room of Fame."

It"s to be a lengthy time coming for Brown, who has been a critical multiple times. However he"s no less thankful, and said he can"t wait to enjoy this respect going forward.

"It"s to be a the majority of work, but it"s been incredible work and I can"t wait to gain this for the rest of my life," Brown said.

Brown claimed that his decision to play for Notre Dame to be the hardest decision of his life, provided that he want to pat in Texas, his house state.

"We did something that"s pretty unusual. We determined the university of Notre Dame not because we believed we might win a championship, but because we thought it might give me a good education," the said.

There he to be coached through Lou Holtz, who said that Brown to be the smartest player he"d ever coached. Brown stated he believed Holtz had an ext confidence in him than he deserved.

"Without Lou Holtz, I would not have actually won the Heisman Trophy." He claimed that he could have to be drafted, but that he would have been "just one more guy."

Brown talked around how things went right once he came to the NFL, how he had detractors talking around a Heisman curse, and how the an initial time he touched the sphere in the NFL he take it it 97 yards because that a touchdown. He claimed doing that took every the push off him and enabled him to have fun. Unfortunately, the Raiders didn"t setup on him being an every-down receiver and he had restricted looks at an early stage his career.

"You"re gonna be the finest third-down receiver and punt recipient the video game has ever seen," late Raiders owner Al Davis claimed to him, come which Brown responded, "Third down receiver and also punt returner? There"s a couple downs lacking in there."

But Brown"s career obviously went a totality lot better after those seasons. That went ~ above to say thanks to his coaches over the years in Oakland, native head coaches to coordinators. He invested a most time ~ above Jon Gruden, thanking him for his function in Oakland and even in his one year v the Tampa bay Buccaneers. Brown even detailed all the quarterbacks he play an NFL snap through (worth noting that he ... Didn"t always play v the finest quarterbacks).

One player in details he invested time talking around was Marcus Allen. He stated that Allen taught him how to beat football, and also that he"s among the males he admires most in football. Climate he talked about Chester McGlockton, a former teammate who passed far in 2011. He claimed that McGlockton to be a an excellent friend who presented him to his wife.

Brown was a hall of Fame finalist multiple times, yet the sheer number of successful receivers in current years do it hard for the to gain in. That said, Brown constantly had the number to make it and it was only a matter of time. At the time of his retirement, he had the second-most receiving yards in NFL history. On top of that, he was an All-Pro in 1997, and made the agree Bowl a total of ripe times.

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Brown perfect his career through 1,094 receptions for 14,934 yards and 105 touchdowns. He had 19,683 all-purpose yards.