thecrackstreetboys Jul 25 2020 \"3.00
coco Chip Trip: The Album. I like good drumming. I'm encouraged Danny Carey is the most crucial member of Tool, although coco Chip pilgrimage was a horribly unnecessary enhancement to are afraid Inoculum and this is far, far much better than that. If toe's For lengthy Tomorrow put me in a trance watching the ethereal interplay in between all the various instruments, and goes wild at a few crescendos, the drummer crashes through that subtlety fairly a bit here by slowing down much less often. I would seriously introduce this as among the best drum albums ever. Many \"percussion\" music (I'm thinking prefer Glen Velez) is not great. This has sufficient going on around the drumming that it can easily go right to the height of that list. Yet it doesn't accomplish the same effect that For lengthy Tomorrow does when it is so regularly hard come hear much more than the congealed jello of every little thing else melting together in the various other instruments. I think the audience is more restricted as a result.

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Quaoar Mar 12 2020 \"5.00
A perfect combination of beautiful melodies, tight grooves and also technical virtuosery. An excellent all the means through.
Threntall Nov 12 2019 \"4.00
This is a completly brand-new take on short article rock the i havent heard before. Instead of the boring and dull crescendocores so countless bands only know, these japanese guys rather opt to develop some that the most facility math rock rhytmns friend have ever heard. And despite your complexity, castle flow very well. The guitars interweaven and carry out pretty melodies, and also the drumming seems to take it centerstage v varied and also interesting and ever mutating beats.Great album for sure, one of the great drumming performances i have actually heard.
Belieline Oct 16 2019 \"4.50
toe’s debut album is one impressive show of a band with a distinct soul.
toe formed in the year 2000 once Hirokazu Yamazaki heard “Memento Mori”, through Ghosts and also Vodka; a quick lived Chicago math-post-whatever-rock band. Come say they’re motivated by castle is an understatement. Toe take away everything great from the underground band and makes it great. The guitar parts on The Book around My Idle Plot on A vague Anxiety, are familiar to the ear once having heard their inspiration, but also wholly unique. What was as soon as an American format of grunge and also edge now has actually a dash Japanese sparkle or essence to it. And it makes the sound so much better.The post-math-meme-rock genre can lend itself to be repetitive and also flat, and while toe’s music may acquire repetitive to people new to the genre, that never falls flat. You’ll be hard pressed to uncover a tune on this album that doesn’t fight it’s note on whatever details emotion the tape attempts to capture. You’ll be wanting come dust off the old photo album that’s been left untouched ~ the an initial 5 minutes. 孤独の発明 (Invention that Loneliness) is smothered in two simultaneous guitar parts that mesh perfectly together to create a melodic tune that asks you come reminisce about much better days. The songwriting ~ above this track is basic enough the it doesn’t bore you (a thing many math-rock bands fail to understand), and facility enough to store you engaged without the help of lyrics. 向こう岸が見る夢 is uplifting and Everything method nothing keeps her head nodding without you noticing.Rhythmically, the tape is incredible, and Takashi Kashikura is one fucking an excellent drummer. The drum components toes (lol) a thin line in between pretentiously flashy and being well suited come the song. No to speak his drumming no flashy, you’d be difficult pressed to find another band whose drummer is as extravagant as Kashikura is. However, unlike a teenage drummer eager to show-off, the quick paced and facility rhythms is a driving pressure in the band. No matter how many fills he fits in every bar that plays, that never falls short to improve the music.Unfortunately, as is many music, this album isn’t perfect. Despite being 39 minutes, the album drags towards the 2nd half. Although i’m mostly persuaded this is because of the repetitive nature the math-rock, there space albums that space longer and don’t have actually the same shortcomings. Because that example, Past and Language, Music for You and I execute Still Wrong are all kind tracks, but they’re too similar in style and sound it have the right to tire your ears. It choose up again at Metronome, a killer minimalistic monitor played to, girlfriend guessed it, a metronome. If this album was a an excellent 8-10 minute shorter, it would be pretty damn close come being one of the best instrumental absent albums i’ve heard.

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_wenderen Oct 02 2019 \"4.50
complex and complicated but not wanky. The north are impressive - tough not to notice, really. Standout tracks - Kodoku no Hatsumei / The creation of Solitude, and C. I'll always have a soft spot because that this album for presenting me to important rock and also math rock.