Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight kickboxers Edson Barboza and also Giga Chikadze will certainly clash tonight (Sat., Aug. 21, 2021) in ~ UFC vegas 34 within UFC Apex in las Vegas, Nevada.

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Barboza unexpected change to 145-pounds has actually proven how amazing fruitful. The Brazilian should most likely be 3-0 in his brand-new weight course (a split-decision vs. Dan Ige went versus him), and he’s been stunning opponents much more than ever before with his punches! currently ranked in ~ No.9, possibly one critical title run isn’t impossible for 35 year old. Top top the various other hand, Chikadze bring a wide range of experienced kickboxing endure with him right into the Octagon. He is parlayed the skill into six directly UFC victories, watch growing much better with each fight and also getting an ext comfortable in the other aspects of MMA.

Let’s take it a closer look in ~ the secrets to victory for every man:


ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to UFC APEX in ras Vegas, Nevada, on Sat., Sept. 18, 2021, with an exciting match up in the irradiate Heavyweight division, as No. 6-ranked contender, Anthony Smith, faces off with No. 11-seeded contemporary, Ryan Spann. In UFC las vegas 37’s co-main event, other 205-pound veterans Ion Cutelaba and Devin Clark aim to steal the show.

Don’t miss out on a single second of face-punching action!

Edson Barboza

Record: 22-9Key Wins: Anthony Pettis (UFC 197), Gilbert Melendez (UFC ~ above FOX 20), Dan Hooker (UFC ~ above FOX 31), Beneil Dariush (UFC struggle Night 106), Paul Felder (UFC on FOX 16), Shane Burgos (UFC 262)Key Losses: Justin Gaethje (UFC top top ESPN 2), Kevin Lee (UFC fight Night 128), Khabib Nurmagomedov (UFC 219), Tony Ferguson (TUF 22 Finale), Donald Cerrone (UFC ~ above FOX 11)Keys to Victory: Barboza prospered up in Muay Thai, competing nearly 30 times as a expert in Brazil. Inside the cage, he’s ideal known for his lightning rapid kicks, i beg your pardon can ruin an opponent’s legs, liver, or skull v equal aplomb. As mentioned, he’s been scoring much more knockdowns with his hands as of late, an advantage that definitely helps stop foes indigenous pressuring him.

This is a tricky fight! Both men share plenty of of the same traits, such together a ripping left kick, and they’re most likely to it is in rather acquainted with one another’s setups and also traps.

Barring a high kick sneaking with the guard on one of two people side, this is likely to it is in a very competitive fight of inches. For Barboza, he has actually a pair the advantages. For one, he appears to be the much faster man, which betters his odds of winning the external jab and low kick battle. In addition, Barboza historically functions at a slightly higher pace than his opponent, for this reason volume could prove the difference over five rounds.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea come mix in a shoot or two, prefer Barboza go vs. Paul Felder. Chikadze has displayed generally hard defense wrestling, however a minute ~ above his back could add some hesitancy to his striking.

Giga Chikadze

Record: 13-2Key Wins: Cub Swanson (UFC las vegas 25), Jamall Emmers (UFC 248), Brandon Davis (UFC hit Night 160), Omar Morales (UFC fight Night 179)Key Losses: Austin Springer (DWTNCS)Keys come Victory: A veteran of Glory Kickboxing, Chikadze has done well to carry out his standard kickboxing combinations in small gloves. “Ninja” is famous for his left kick — the “Giga Kick” — i beg your pardon is responsible for his last 2 stoppage wins.

There is a clear, well-established strategy the opposite Edson Barboza. Whether one’s goal requires chasing takedowns or the knockout, the is very proven that pressuring the Brazilian greatly increases opportunities of success.

Of course, that’s not to say Chikadze need to sprint in ~ Barboza wildly — that’s how fighters swallow jump knees and also spin kicks. No, Chikadze has actually the kickboxing skill and also experience to be more methodical in his pressure, to block-and-return turn off kicks or on slide punches if continually advancing and cutting turn off the cage.

As mentioned, this bout is most likely to feature plenty of close exchanges. If Chikadze is the guy dictating the pace and controlling the Octagon, however, he’s most likely to score large connections as Barboza is trapped. Also if the exchanges remain fairly tit-for-tat, judges love center control.

Bottom Line

One knockout artist will proceed his Featherweight climb.

The relocate to 145 pounds walk genuinely inspire something that a renaissance in Barboza’s status as a contender. Scoring a location shot is still not exceptionally likely, however at the very least “Junior” does not have five men who have previously beat him ranked ahead of that anymore. A third consecutive success in a main occasion slot might really execute wonders because that pushing that forward, potentially drawing him a peak Five-ranked foe next.

Would you clock Edson Barboza vs. Chan Sung Jung? I know I would.

Chikadze is fighting for a similar huge step up, yet he has actually the included benefits of one undefeated UFC record and general newness to the company. Should Chikadze score the best win yet of his agree career in his an initial main occasion appearance, it surely will develop a great deal that momentum. Comparable to Barboza, the prospect of pitting Chikadze vs. Jung or Calvin Katter is such straightforward sell ... If that wins tonight.

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At UFC vegas 35, Edson Barboza and also Giga Chikadze will duel in the key event. I beg your pardon striker will remain standing once the dust settles?