The height Hat conjures images of a i delivered era of gentlemen in smoky rooms and also world leaders building the structures of first world countries. This bold layout was an initial worn by the upper class in the so late 1800’s and also eventually was adopted by all classes that society. Now we think about it a funny hat but we space serious around our quality. We use a comfortable organic noodle inner band and gold satin linings. We format our height hats authentically but make them slightly softer because that comfort. Times really have actually changed!

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Top hat, need I say more? In ours headwear world, there are some styles that require no additional explanation, and the top Hat is a prime example. Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and you heading to the opera? Why not?!?! anyone knows the look: small wrap around brim frequently tilted up, flat top and also a stack that’s either noticeably tall, or just noticeable. With Conner involved, this standard style it s okay the star treatment, finishing in a collection that can serve the top hat needs of the diplomat in her life, or the punk. Even if it is you’re looking for formal, functional or fashion-forward, you’ll have the ability to find what it is you’re looking for below. This hats are mainly wool, help to keep the warm in while maintaining you dry and also protected from the sun, but role isn’t the only reason you perusing this collection, is it? For more formal occasions, there is the classic top hat with a Grosgrain Ribbon hat band. Anticipating a mosh-pit in your future? there are countless steampunk alternatives in this collection as well! Whichever supplying you choose, that a no brainer to say that you’ll turn heads when people notification what’s top top yours. Spoiler alert: among these hats additionally has a mystery compartment. With alternatives for both men and also women, this collection won’t disappoint.
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Steampunk optimal Hat

Our steampunk top hats are affected by the 19th century yet have modern quality. We layout our top hats authentically however make them slightly softer for comfort by using an organic cotton inner band and also gold satin linings.

Victorian peak Hat

Stroll the highways in style. Walk ahead, twirl your cane while you" at it!

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The Tall optimal Hat

The Steampunk mystery top hat has actually a proud 6” crown v leather and brass studs across the top developing a unique design. Functions a an enig removable inner bag designed because that cash of credit transaction card and also an organic cotton inner band. Sweet looking gold satin lining and a clock wheel band.