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"We"re not Aiming for the Truck" is a memorable quote uttered by the character Buzz Lightyear in the 1995 computer-generated animated film Toy Story. Online, civilization have edited the step to feature different objects that the characters crash into. In countless cases, footage from Toy Story is edited v footage native the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks.


On November 22nd, 1995, the movie Toy Story to be released in the unified States.<1> at the finish of the film, the personality Buzz Lightyear flies himself and also Woody (voiced through Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, respectively) in really hopes of catching up to their friends (clip below). As soon as they fly end the relocating truck that has their friends, Woody says, "We let go the truck." Buzz responds, "We"re no aiming for the truck."

On June 30th, 2014, YouTuber Custerd Crems edited the video clip so that rather of landing in the car, it appeared that Woody and also Buzz crashed right into the human being Trade Center. Within five years, the short article received much more than 9.4 million views.


Later that year, YouTuber ғibbi post a video remix of the scene containing various other memes and references (shown below, left). The article received an ext than 174,000 views in 5 years.

The complying with year, on august 29th, 2015, YouTuber David Raynor post a reaction video in i m sorry they present their mom the original video. The short article received more than 131,000 views in 4 years (shown below, right).



The phrase very first entered the virtual lexicon last June and also has due to the fact that taken top top a life that its own as a means to express your attraction and also make fun of thirsty, desperate lurkers.

Starting in July 2021, TikTokers have begun posting video slideshows of themselves sit in chairs in ~ out-of-place locations. Because that instance, they gradually move v a drive-thru, picking up their order in a stationary, urgent chair.

Sometimes, the dumber the meme, the funnier. These memes room pretty awful, however we can"t get sufficient of them.

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