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IUPAC Name9-<(E)-2-phenylethenyl>anthracene
Standard InChI
Standard InChIKey
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Absolute Entropy of ideal Gas in ~ 298.15K and also 1bar---
Acentric Factor---
Critical Compressibility Factor---
Critical Pressure---
Critical Temperature---
Critical Volume---
Enthalpy of formation for ideal Gas in ~ 298.15K---
Liquid Molar Volume at 298.15K---
Molecular Weight---
Net typical State Enthalpy of combustion at 298.15K---
Normal boiling Point---
Melting Point---
Refractive Index---
Solubility Parameter in ~ 298.15K---
Standard State absolute Entropy at 298.15K and 1bar---
Standard State Enthalpy of formation at 298.15K and also 1bar---
Magnetic Susceptibility---
Flash Point---
Lower Flammability limit Temperature---
Lower Flammability limit Volume Percent---
Upper Flammability border Temperature---
Upper Flammability limit Volume Percent---
Liquid density at typical Boiling Point---
Heat of Vaporization in ~ 298.15K---
Heat the Vaporization at typical Boiling Point---
Water Solubility---

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1H NMR prediction-
13C NMR prediction-
HSQC/HMBC prediction-
All prediction-

Absolute Entropy of right Gas at 298.15 K and 1 bar (cal/mol/K) to compare : experimental VS. MOLINSTINCTS Estimation for 1,270 compounds

1. Parity plot representing estimated values (x-axes) versus the speculative values (y-axes) through the y=x line as a reference. If the estimated and experimental values agree, they need to lie close to the y=x line. Upper and lower bar heat (I) represents the experimental error range. 2. Statistical evaluation representing the degree of agreement. The center bar mirrors the part of the approximated values within the experimental error range. The percentage of the middle bar shows the level of estimate accuracy in general.

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