Question: Hi! ns am a 52-year-old man and also I have actually been married for twenty years. Ns am the dad of 2 college-going children and have a really stable and happy connection with my wife. I have actually known mine wife since my college days and also we had long courtship of seven years prior to getting married. Currently there is a case in mine life, which has left me confused and disturbed. A young 35-year-old woman had joined my agency and she is functioning in a team that 23-people top by me. She is a very vivacious and also hard-working person and also it"s a pleasure to job-related with a fast learner choose her. Within six months of involvement the company, we grew quite close and also from professional acquaintances, us turned right into friends; progressively we began sharing details around our an individual lives and it thrilled united state to uncover that we had actually a the majority of things in common. During one of the official trips come London last winter, us became really close and in a moment of weakness, i confessed come her that I have grown very fond that her and also said ns love her. To mine surprise, she reciprocated my feelings and said nothing offers her much more happiness than the time she spends with me. After the we acquired physically intimate and have been having actually a physical relationship because then. Yet after the lockdown started, I began spending more time through my family, specifically my wife. And also I have actually realised exactly how much i love her, just how we have actually grown up with each other as a couple creating beautiful memories and overcoming hurdles together. Ours marriage has actually stood the test of time and it ache me to realise how have the right to I be cheating on this beautiful woman who has offered me my children? yet the moment I speak to mine girlfriend, i realize ns love her through a passionate intensity and she understands and also knows me therefore well. Ns am yes, really confused. Deserve to I be in love through two women at the same time? i am security sleepless nights and it"s affect my personal and expert life both. Please aid me to obtain over this doldrums.--By AnonymousResponse by Dr. Kedar Tilwe: dear reader, the lockdown has permitted many civilization the opportunity to pause their hectic schedule and also re-establish a connection with your family. Because that some, it has meant rekindling of the romantic spark and also revitalization the their partnership with their spouses. It has actually permitted some the opportunity to introspect, reprioritize and re-evaluate their goals in life.

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While physical intimacy or attraction is one of the important parts the the early "chemistry" in a relationship, v the passage of time, emotional intimacy have the right to take precedence. A lengthy stable marriage is built on common goals, experiences and conscious prioritization of the relationship. Exactly how you choose to continue is based upon your own set of values and morals, and as together is specifically your an individual decision. If a pros and cons perform may enable you to get some clarity of assumed with respect to her "doldrums", do element in the impact on her marital, familial, social and also professional life too. Trying come visualize the case from the view of the civilization who matter to you and also the result it will have actually on their respective lives, can additionally help.
Reach the end to a psychological Health experienced nearby, together a proper detailed evaluate will aid decide the best means to alleviate the distress being proficient by you and it will certainly also carry out a non-judgmental secure environment to think points through.

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Inputs provided by Dr Kedar Tilwe, Psychiatrist & Sexologist, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi-A stretch Network Hospital