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Ulysses S. Provide III Papers

An list of his documents at inter-base.netacuse University

Overview the the Collection

Creator: Grant, U. S. (Ulysses S.), 1881-1968
Title: Ulysses S. Provide III Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1850-1937
Quantity: 7 straight ft.
Abstract: Bulk the collection consists of advertisements, blueprints, bids and also other product relating to architectural projects; a couple of articles on conditions in Russia by Princess Cantacuzene (Julia Dent Grant, sister that Ulysses), consisting of one about her escape native Russia.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections study Center, inter-base.netacuse college Libraries 222 Waverly Avenueinter-base.netacuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Ulysses S. Approve III (1881-1968) was an American military officer, civil engineer and also architect. The nephew of Ulysses S. Grant, 18th chairman of the unified States, he to be born top top the 4th of July and attended Cutler institution (1895-1897) and Columbia university (1898), both in new York City. That left in 1898 to fight in the Spanish-American War, and also in 1899 gotten in West allude where he was a classmate the Douglas MacArthur. In 1907 he married Edith Root, daughter the Elihu Root, Roosevelt"s secretary the state.

As a member that the army Corps that Engineers, he served in the Philippines, Cuba, and also Mexico. In 1918 he served as secretary that the American ar of the Supreme battle Council in Paris (for i m sorry he got a Distinguished business Medal). After ~ the battle he to be assigned to assorted engineering regulates in the united States, eventually coming to be Director of publicly Buildings and also Parks because that Washington, D.C. (1926-1933). By 1942 that had progressed to the location of Brigadier General; native 1942-1944 he to be Chief of the Office the Civilian Defense, security branch. He retirement in 1945 with the location of significant General, and also shortly thereafter came to be president of George Washington college (1946-1951).

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Ulysses S. Approve III Papers is composed primarily that advertisements, blueprints, bids and other product relating to architecture projects. Other material of interest, although unforeseen in this technical collection, is a series of articles on the Russian political situation from the Saturday evening Post (1918-1919) through Princess Cantacuzene (Julia Dent Grant, sister the Ulysses) A news story native 1920 mentions briefly her escape native Russia. Return the date range for this repertoire is 1850-1937, the bulk is the duration of Grant"s service as director of public Buildings and Parks in Washington, D. C., 1926-1933.

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Arrangement the the Collection

Save for various printed products at the finish of the collection, everything has been put in a single alphabetical run, to encompass public projects, articles and also speeches, notes, and court cases. Within every project, items are noted in chronological stimulate (advertisements because that bid, climate contracts, then blueprints, ultimately other material).

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