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He was born in OklahomaAnd his wife"s name is Betty Lou Thelma LizHe"s not responsible because that what he"s doingHis mom made him what the isChorus:And it"s up versus the wall, redneck motherMother who has raised her kid so wellHe"s 34 and also drinkin" in some honky tonkKickin" hippies" asses and raisin" hell.Sure does favor his Falstaff BeerHe likes to chase it down with that Wild Turkey LiquorHe"s acquired a "57 gmc pickup truckGot a gun rack"A Goat Roper needs love too" stickerM is for the mud flaps she offered me for my pickup truckO is for the oil I put on my hairT is because that T-BirdH is for HaggardE is because that EggsAre is because that Redneck
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