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Take ~ above the duty of a Futuristic Bartender in this Cyberpunk Adventure

VA-11 HALL-A takes place within the fictional Glitch City and the year is 207X. Corruption, crime and also poverty reign supreme. Humans and also Lilim (humanoid robots) co-exist in relative harmony, and the trigger-happy legislation enforcement well-known as White Knights ensure that everyone abides by the rules. It all sounds choose a classic cyberpunk tale: everyone is injected through nanomachines, people barely scrape by and the government makes certain that it stays that way. But you won’t experience much of this bleakness or the city itself, together the game unravels in a isolated bar conveniently called Valhalla.

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In VA-11 HALL-A, you take on the function of bartender Jill and partner up through wise-mouth Gillian and also their caring boss, Dana. Gillian initially comes off together your typical pretty boy, however reveals a lot more facility personality as the plot unravels. On the contrary, Dana, despite jolly and also cool, seldom exhibits anything about herself or her past. Many questions concerning her pop right into Jill’s mind transparent the story: was she an yes, really wrestling and also MMA fighter? walk she really own a pet bear?! and how go she get a futuristic prosthetic arm favor that? possibly it’s due to the fact that of the pet bear!

Similar and even much more puzzling questions surface as soon as meeting the various, frequently eccentric customers of VA-11 HALL-A. Amongst them space humans, the abovementioned Lilim, world with augmentations, and even talking dogs. Among the client is Donovan D. Dawson, one egotistical owner that the neighborhood newspaper, The Augmented Eye. One more is assassin Jamie, who visual illustration was plainly inspired through Adam Jensen from the reboot that Deus Ex. And if you’re a fan of Akira, the cyberpunk anime masterpiece from 1988, then you’ll automatically recognize the Shotaro Kaneda look-alike, Mario.


Earned dollars deserve to be invested on miscellaneous items that carry joy into Jill’s life. Tangible items, choose figurines and also posters, appear in the room after purchase and carry out it with much more character. Purchasing new things help Jill stay happy and focused ~ above work, and also the game informs you whenever Jill is interested in noþeles particular. But life isn’t easy, and Jill must additionally act favor a grown-up and cover bills, also as specific subscription fees.

Kind of prefer what life is ideal now; you work hard to cover bills, pay because that Netflix and also Spotify, and try to carry a little joy into the life by to buy a brand-new gaming console. Eventually, Jill gains accessibility to a Nanocamo App, which permits her come customize the room with various cool shade themes. Despite its cold setting, VA-11 HALL-A employs a surprising amount of bright tones in that palette. Every scene functions neon-like colors: green, purple and also yellow.

A tasteful soundtrack further contributes come the already wonderful cyberpunk thematic. Whether at house or at work, you may pick from a large assortment of songs from the electronic and also synthwave genres, v some be sure jazz elements thrown in.

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It could not be for everyone; VA-11 HALL-A functions a many reading, which might put action-driven players off. But with lot of endings and a NG+ mode, i beg your pardon retains every one of your items and also money, the game offers a good amount that replay value. And also for anyone who enjoys a deep narrative in the layout of a digital novel, collection within a bleak cyberpunk environment, the video game will deliver many enjoyable hours.

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