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Helgaarrives in ~ Kattegat through Floki’s daughter in her arms. She find Floki asleepon the ground, and he is stunned to check out his brand-new daughter. Helga puts the babyin his arms, and he problems over dropping her. He sees that she is a beautifulchild, and also makes Helga take ago the child. He desire to name the infant Angrboðaafter Loki’s first wife. She was a angry being, boring monsters, however Loki thinks it’sa great name. Helga desire Floki to come home with her, however he will certainly not. Hesends she away, for her own good.
King Horikwelcomes his children and wife come Kattegat, pass them every to accomplish Ragnarand his family. Over there is a huge welcome in the store for the royal family,where King Horik introduces his family. He sees Ragnar together an equal. Betweenthem and Lagertha, castle now have actually land in Wessex, and also plan to go off come morelands together. He desire to align them also more, because that Ragnar has countless sons,and he many daughters. King Horik’s mam chats up Lagertha. Ragnar watches fromhis corner, and also Floki eyeballs King Horik. Floki reminds King Horik that hisproposition, and also King Horik admits he’s unsure he have the right to trust him, which isexactly what Ragnar said to him.
Bjorn asksPorunn what she plan to perform with she freedom. Together a slave she love Bjornbecause he treated her as a free woman, but now she has choices she says. Hetells her that is her first mistake, and also walks away.
Thecelebration continues to the night. Floki chats with Torstein, that is indulgingin every the ladies around. Siggy tries come seduce the King, wanting to recognize hisplans. His wife and children room there, and also that’s every she needs to know. Flokiruns right into Athelstan. He speak him that no one wants him there, the he betrayedthe Gods, Athelstan cannot get away from Floki quick enough. King Horik asks forproof he can trust Floki. He asks the to death someone who matters to display hisloyalty. Floki looks for a target, King Horik has actually Ragnar in his sights, as heslumps on his throne. Floki’s attention is on Princess Aslaug though.
The gamescontinue external as each tries to flick coins into a bucket. King Horik watchesTorstein, Floki, Bjorn, Ragnar and even Athelstan. King Horik asks Floki if hehas favored his victim, that has.
Ragnar laysout his plans, however king Horik wonders what the nonfarmers need to do. Those whodo not wish come farm have the right to work through King Ecbert and Princess Kwenthrith. KingHorik does not trust King Ecbert, but Athelstan believes that he will certainly honor hisoffer. Lagertha think Athelstan is quiet an innocent, despite she does notagree through King Horik either. Those that wish to farm yard should, those that wish towork with King Ecbert and also Princess Kwenthrith should. Everyone gets what theywant, except King Horik, who wants revenge on King Ecbert.
Floki goesto view Rollo. Siggy is unsure if he will walk again. Floki tells she to go getsome rest and she will watch over him. She’s to be on nurse duty day and night,Siggy reluctantly agrees. Floki sit by his side, remind Rollo the a time heput him in a bed like this. Floki has brought him a gift, the food that the Godshe says, mushrooms. Rollo eats them and Floki waits.
The room isfull at dinnertime. Youngsters run anywhere the place. Floki grabs one of thechildren and also gives that a post for Torstein, warning the boy that if hedoes not keep his secret terrible points will take place to him. Torstein is founddead, poisoned, and Bjorn vow revenge, even Floki makes a step of it. It’senough to convince King Horik. King Horik reveals to Floki that he will certainly killRagnar, Princess Aslaug, Lagertha and every one of their children. He to know Ragnar istough to kill, however he likewise knows that Floki will find a way to carry out it, and theywill assault tomorrow.
PrincessAslaug and Lagertha watch the lightening striking. They understand the gods arespeaking, the something is coming.
Bjorn triesto do it approximately Porunn. That is crazy around her, worships her, and also wants onlyher. Porunn doesn’t want to it is in worshipped, she wants to fight.
Rollo getsout the bed. He tries to walk together Siggy watches. He falls, and she urges the notto offer up, but he doesn’t know why she even cares. She isn’t sure, butshe thinks the he deserve to still be usefull. She leaves his axe out of reach andgoes into town. She look at King Horik. He desires to chat, yet she’s a littlemiffed v him. He asks because that Ragnar’s weakness. It’s fairly obvious. He tellsher that if that is his weakness then she should go come the an excellent hall in ~ sunsetand kill Ragnar’s children. If she go that, he will certainly marry her, make her hissecond wife and a Queen. King Horik hands her a dagger to go the job.
Porunn andBjorn square off. She starts the sparring, however Bjorn fights back, and also notgently. Prior to long they’re both mildly bloody. Bjorn doesn’t want to fight herthough, and also Porunn operation off. The apologizes come her to run after her. Floki hidesunseen but Porunn is no much longer running, she’s sitting wait for that on a log.No longer throwing punches, she strokes his hand. He wants to kiss her, but heholds back. She bring away the lead and initiates the kiss, prior to pulling him down tothe ground and undressing him. Every the while Floki watches, his knife drawn.
King Horikgives come his boy the sword of Kings. This particular day he speak him that they should overcomethe magic that Ragnar. He desire to snuff out the entire family, discovering thateven one of Ragnar’s heat survives they will certainly come ago to kill them all.
Ragnar asksAthelstan come teach him one of his prayers so he have the right to learn. Athelstan autumn tohis knees, and also utters a prayer with Ragnar repeating the Lord’s Prayer. KingHorik’s son watches boats full of guys arrive ~ above the shores. Princess Aslaugwatches together Siggy gathers up her children. Athelstan help Ragnar finish theprayer. King Horik’s mam is laced right into her armor, together King Horik’s males sneakinto the city, slaughtering any kind of who space outside. The men reach the city center,and they take the citizens by surprise. Rollo feigns struggling in his bed, buthe’s all set as guys arrive in his home. Athelstan is ready as well, andLagertha walks the streets. She’s pissed. She take away on King Horik’s wife. Theladies fulfill sword come sword, however it’s clear that the alpha bitch is in the room.King Horik’s wife didn’t stand a chance. Bjorn asks Floki wherein he’s been, he’sbeen looking ~ Bjorn, as Ragnar request him come do. King Horik’s daughter’shuddle in fear. Lagertha is sent out out, yet the girl aren’t likely to survive.Kattegat is engulfed in war. King Horik walk to discover Ragnar in the keep.Torstein is there, as is Lagertha. King Horik’s guys are slaughtered. King Horiktells Floki the he betrayed the Gods, however he only betrayed him, Floki admits. PrincessAslaugh, Bjorn and the rest watch on. King Horik asks that Ragnar spares hisson, and he nods. King Horik approaches, and also the warrior takes a single swingat the inflicting damage as he comes. Siggy comes out of the shadows together King Horikfalls come his knees, giving Ragnar the dagger he provided her to death his childrenwith. The room clears out, and also Ragnar stabs him v his own dagger beforefinishing that off with his hands.

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Bjornretruns come King Horik’s quarters, most of King Horik’s kids are dead. That tellsthe remaining two girl to go, and they run like rabbits. Bjorn find KingHorik’s sword. Ragnar is extended in his enemy’s blood. He climbed from farmer toearl, and now to King. King Ragnar sit high atop a cliff overlooking hiskingdom. It’s good to be King.
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