This week’s illustration title, “Unforgiven” might have been construed a pair ways.

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Jarl Borg journeys indigenous his residence to Kattegat with Rollo to build a new, better-than-the-last-time-these-guys-screwed-me-over attend to Ragnar and King Horik.

He’s tentative, but eventually thanks Ragnar because that forgiving that for the whole, friend know, massacring the town while Ragnar was away raiding and also threatening to death his whole family thing. Borg finds Ragnar a larger man and thinks that maybe, finally, due to the fact that he’s obtained the watercrafts to lug them all, he’ll lastly get to play in the Viking games. It’s not in the cards, yet we’ll gain to that.

In the meanwhile, Horik provides Siggy gain jiggy v his azer son.

While. He. Watches.

She’s every kinds that weirded out and angry and also I’m walking to placed my money down now on Siggy being the one to carry out in King Horik. They speak women never forget. Add to that the humiliation and strong-arming in the situation and you can be pretty sure a twisted sister favor Siggy is walking to uncover a way to make him pay. Or not. For all I understand Siggy will finish up Queen Siggy and also blow this concept all to shot.

Bjorn’s obtained a point for a slave girl who still pretty uncomfortable at the whole, friend know, servant thing. She’s obtained no love because that him—not even when that awkwardly reflects her come his room and tells her that she have the right to sleep there. The he wants her to want to sleep there. Ns don’t think things space going to walk well in this case—she’s a tiny too enslaved and also he’s a tiny too naive.

Back in Wessex, we find Athelstan copying his illuminated Bibles. He makes a strange girlfriend in King Ecbert who, it transforms out, is not only a member but also the president of the roman inn Pagan pan Club.

Ecbert’s gained himself an pure (secret) endowment trove of ancient Roman art, sculpture, and scrolls. Athelstan’s new job is come copy the scrolls prior to all the pagan understanding is shed to Ecbert forever. I’ve acquired a funny feeling around this—call me crazy however crucifixion can only it is in promised so numerous times before you begin to feel prefer a marked man in England. Athelstan assures to store Ecbert’s small collection a secret, but with Ecbert’s wormy small son following Athelstan about making sour faces all the time, his lucky is bound to operation out eventually.

Ready because that the feasible second definition in the location “Unforgiven?”

Poor Lagertha. Appears Jarl Sigvard no happy the she left without leaving a note—or without bringing earlier “his stepson.” She appeared pretty unforgiven a few seconds right into her scenes in Hedeby.

She make it back home and her husband gives her one icy toast in ~ dinner. He is boiling simply underneath the surface however eventually told she to go to bed as he made various other plans. They might have involved another woman (what we all probably assumed), however that definitely affiliated the significant beating that his wife by his lackeys. It to be an awful scene and paled just in comparison come the next, as soon as Sigvard is about to humiliate she the following night by ripping open up her shirt in prior of the dinner guests.

Lagertha, gift the mighty maiden that she is, denies his request v a steak knife in the eye.

It’s a heated moment or two when it looks like she could have to ward turn off Sigvard’s guys with a dining utensil and also one eye swollen shut. A man steps forward with a sword and promptly cuts off Sigvard’s head much to our relief and also Lagertha’s astonishment. What does that mean? We’ll have to wait, obviously, however it could mean a lot.

Back come Kattegat.

You no think Jarl Borg and the creepy skull that his dead very first wife were really going to it is in honored guests, did you?

Rollo and also his men set in activity their revenge by locking Borg’s males in the barn and setting the point on fire. Borg is dragged before Ragnar lot to the dismay that Horik. Ns guess Horik forgot the truth that he was the one that originally reduced Borg out and started this entirety mess in the an initial place, yet hindsight’s not always 20/20 as soon as you’re a plotting, egotistical Viking.

The teaser for episode 7 guarantees to contain “the most shocking minute in television,” however I’m pretty sure if Horik betrays Ragnar for Borg, ok be much less than shocked.

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Horik’s top top a crash course for Rollo’s wrath if he’s not careful.

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