This was composed by the husband and also wife team of Felice and also Boudleaux Bryant, that wrote most of The Everly Brothers song in the "50s. Your songs were likewise recorded by Bob Dylan, Elvis, and Buddy Holly.

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This is around a young couple who autumn asleep in ~ the drive-in, realize they room out previous curfew, and make up a story to tell Susie"s parents.
Some Boston radio stations prohibition this due to the fact that of the lyrics, which imply that the young pair spent the night together. At the time, staying out late v a girl was a little controversial.
For The Everly Brothers, this was the an initial of 4 US #1 hits. It also went to #1 on the country & west charts.
At an illustration on The Oprah Winfrey show while campaigning for president in year 2000, George W. Bush was inquiry by Oprah what his favorite song was. The said: "Wake Up tiny Susie - by girlfriend Holly."
Simon & Garfunkel played this at your 1981 concert in central Park. The live recording was released as a solitary the next year and hit #27 in the US.

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Chet Atkins played etc on this. Atkins, who died of cancer in 2001, to be a Nashville musician who produced a distinctive sound using a three-fingered choose technique.
This to be a labor of love for the songwriting duo. "We persevered v "Wake Up little Susie" for countless hours," Boudleaux recalled to nation Music People. "I started writing one night, maintained trying to acquire my principles down, however it simply wouldn"t happen. Lastly I wake up Felice, that took one listen to what I had so far completed and come up through the last touches that i couldn"t get. The Everlys chosen the song, yet like me had difficulties with getting it best in the studio. They operated a totality three-hour conference on the one song and had to provide up, they simply couldn"t acquire it right. We all trooped earlier to the studio the following day and also got the down an initial take. That"s the way it happens sometimes."

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Jennifur Sunmy late earliest brother enraged me about this song when i was cultivation up my dad supplied to speak to me Sussie Q, no after the song, and my brothers friends assumed that was my genuine name if only the song critics could hear few of the suggestive lyrics the came later on they would not have actually paned this funny talePaula indigenous Washington DcThe entire point of the track is these negative kids realizing that even though they"re fully innocent, and also are telling the truth around having fallen sleep at a boring movie, nobody is ever before going to think them. Your reputation is shot, as they say. It"s both funny and sad. Brian indigenous La Mesa, CaSorry, ns don"t see it. The singer is fairly obviously informing his drowsy girlfriend the they have actually fallen asleep throughout a movie and that castle will have to challenge their parents and also friends. The track loses every its charm and an interpretation if the is comprising a lie come tell them. The yes, really innocence resulting in society"s skepticism is key point.Keely from FlOne that the "final touches" the Felice provided was the line "The movie wasn"t therefore hot, it didn"t have much of a plot," which replaced Boudreaux"s original line: "Your father"s gonna it is in hot, he"ll kill me prefer as not." according to Felice, the line was method too risque because that the times, as it implied that the couple had slept together.Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn January 15th 1958, the Everly Brothers made the brothers TV debut; they showed up on the American-produced "The Perry Como Show" and performed "Wake Up tiny Susie", at the time it to be at #11 top top the unified Kingdom"s Singles chart and one month previously on December 8th, 1957 it had peaked in ~ #2* for 1 week...The brothers also performed "Bye taking leave Love" and it had reached #6 on respectable 25th, 1957 on the U.K. Singles...* The week "Wake Up tiny Susie" was at #2, the #1 document for the week was "Mary"s boy Child" by harry Belafonte.Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn march 10th 1965, the Righteous brothers performed "This tiny Girl of Mine" top top the ABC-TV program "Shindig!"...Seven years previously on February 4th, 1958 the song gone into Billboard"s optimal 100 at #68 by a real set of brothers, the Everlys...They got to #26 through the song, and also it to be the next release ~ their very first #1 record, "Wake Up small Susie"...And coincidentally, the Everly Brothers to be on this same "Shindig!" show and they simply happened to performed "Wake Up little Susie".Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn February 20th 1958, the debut show of the six-date, 12 display "Big gold Stars" tour opened up in Orlando, Florida...One the the acts* on the bill were the Everly Brothers; and at the moment they had actually two records on Billboard"s optimal 100 chart, "This tiny Girl of Mine"" at #39, and also "Wake Up little Susie” in ~ #90; 4 months earlier on October 6th, 1957 it had actually peaked at #1...* other acts were Jerry Lee Lewis, buddy Holly & the Crickets, Jimmie Rodgers, and also Bill Haley & the Comets.Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn July 8th 1970, the Everly brothers performed "Wake Up, tiny Susie" on their ABC-TV program "The Everly brothers Show"...Thirteen years previously on September 15th, 1957 it gotten in Billboard"s optimal 100 at place #43; eventually it peaked at #1 (for 4 weeks) and spent a half-year on the chart (26 weeks)...The present was a ten-week summer replacement because that "The Johnny Cash Show", who was a guest on the display (he carry out "What Is Truth?, which reached #3 top top Billboard"s Hot nation Singles chart earlier in 1970).Susan native Atlanta, GaFor a lengthy time I assumed I was named Susan (Susi) thus song, as my dad dubbed me "Susi Baby" every my life, but as it transforms out, I gained here just a couple of months before the song came out. Besides, everybody and their dog was called Susie in the "50s -- even my best friend"s dog was named Susie. Donna from Quincy, MaI"ve done some research on this (I"m a media historian), plus I resided in Boston during the 1950s: it might be a myth that the track was banned. I recall hearing that on the air a number of times. Yet in that era, the Catholic Church was very influential and it had an "index," a perform of songs considered too vulgar because that Catholic youth to hear to or buy. Needless come say, obtaining a track on that sort of list had tendency to make kids want to hear it even more. And while the lyrics are pretty innocent by today"s standards, the idea of two young human being sleeping in a theater and also getting in trouble through their parents was sufficient to generate controversy, in one era once there was significant disapproval of rock music by the larger generation. Megan from Toronto, OnClearly a lot of human being thought that was around sex, or that wouldn"t have been banned.Back then it was all about "saying it without yes, really saying it". The was the funny part- go they have actually sex, or didn"t they? The suggest is that they could have- that"s why it"s for this reason funny. Mike from Matawan, Nj"LoL shrub thinks that Buddy Holly sung this song? I need to quote native my favourite movie top top this one, "I reserve the best to it is in ignorant. That"s the Western method of life" (Lol)" Hey decision Light from Elizabeth!! permit me assumption: v the movie: "Farenheit 9/11"? figures a brainless twat choose you would be a Michale Moore fan.Trish from Sachse, TxThis song had NOTHING to carry out with adultery, fornication, or politics. In 57 us didn"t automatically think rubbish thoughts earlier then like world do today. When the song came the end no one thought it was around some pair having sex. It certainly should not have been banned. Perhaps not the finest of the Everly Bros, yet many moons have actually past because then. Gain over itJim indigenous Phoenix, AzBefore "Elizabeth of Athens,GA" tells people they room not nearly as smart together they think, maybe she should acquire her facts straight --- when bush made the gaffe, the press were fast to choose it up and verify Holly never ever recorded the song. It was composed in 1957, and also on the charts late that year; Holly passed away Feb, 1959 -- a little an ext than a year later. When exactly did he document it, Elizabeth? probably Elizabeth could post a attach to the buddy Holly recording she asserts exists.Maggie native Miami, FlIn 1953 in Miami FL mine young sister Suzie and also her boyfriend, Kenny (he traveled with the equine race circuit and was under from NJ) fell asleep at the drive-in theater. They woke up at 2A and also were scared and also upset about what they to be going to tell our parents and also their friends. He actually did say, what room we going come tell her mom? This song needs to be around them. Kenny knew too many of famous jockeys who knew numerous other renowned people. They go not have sex for this reason relax, ok? Sleeping way sleeping in this case.Steve Dotstar indigenous Los Angeles, Canot lot of a song in my opinion, yet it to be the begin of that Everly Bros. Sound we all love..Joe native Longview, TxA lady tells me the the person who composed "Wake Up little Suzie is now a priest at the Catholic church in Tickfaw, Louisiana. Deserve to anyone verify this/ I"ll shot to gain his name to watch if the matches the name offered (Boudleaux Bryant)Don indigenous Asheville, NcI"m simply so thankful that I have a life and also can come to a site that discusses music and song interpretations without having to number out a way to revolve it right into a soap crate for my very own political discussions. I find most civilization who carry out this simply vomit back what the media speak them and also aren"t able come think for themselves.This song has actually absolutely nothing to perform with any kind of political issue. Thrive up!John indigenous Lincoln, Nethe greatful dead walk a quite acoustic sheathe of small susie ~ above the album "bears choice". I can"t think people are so fixated on bush that they would certainly waste their time discussing him top top a music site. Geeeeez obtain over it. Think about the music, okey dokey, honest johnGary R. Evans native Lavallette, NjElizabeth, Athens, GA composed that "Wake Up tiny Susie" was indeed recorded by girlfriend Holly. Ns can find no referrals or documentation to this. Does anyone?Mark native Lancaster, OhHmm. This came out in 1957, i m sorry probably defines why i heard/saw that on the fight Parade ~ above TV. This to be a renowned network TV show--probably live--on which the height songs to be sung and acted the end by a residents cast. It"s most basic to think the the display as a weekly group of music videos. They did this one for numerous weeks (the skit for a certain song was various every week.) In the one i saw, there they were, the 2 of them, waking up (widely separated) in a 1950"s type of car, i think with some type of clock in the background. Castle bemoaned your fate. Nobody assumed anything that it--it was just an additional popular song. Matthewz from corpus Christi, Tx~ however but but...the lyrics space ambiguous.the component about the movie no being therefore hot and also didn"t have actually much that a plot, etc., might be, if you listen literally, the "story" they"re consisting of to call Susie"s parents. It"s no gimme that they"re in reality IN a movie theatre or Drive-In.unless among the Everly"s has revealed as much to be the case.Jon native Oakridge, OrLike the an excellent Johnny Cash said, "If you have political convictions save them to yourself".Rob indigenous Vancouver, CanadaWho might possibly have anything versus fornication?Elizabeth native Athens, GaNone of friend are virtually as smart together you think you are. Girlfriend Holly likewise did a record of this song. I"m no a shrub fan myself, but get your facts straight prior to you start bashing him.Fyodor native Denver, CoDonald, I would certainly say castle didn"t screw, however they"re fear everyone will think castle did, due to the fact that people room so downhearted and distrustful, including, supposedly (unless you"re joking) YOU. This track is impressive in exactly how it shows the coming alters in sex-related mores (probably mostly due to The Pill) from together a sweet and also innocent allude of view. Aw, therefore what if lock DID perform it...Crystal indigenous Elizabeth, NjLoL shrub thinks the Buddy Holly sung this song? I need to quote indigenous my favourite movie on this one, "I make reservation the best to it is in ignorant. That"s the Western means of life" (Lol)Nena from Atlanta, Gap.s.These text were not about two youngsters sleeping together......they dropped asleep at the journey in when watching a boring flick...and castle weren"t necessarily comprising a simply says..."What room we going come tell ..........etc, etc.......NenaRobb from Williamstown, Nj 08094, NjThe who released a song called"I can see for miles" i m sorry sounds nearly identical to the intro that "Wake up tiny Susie"Donald indigenous El Dorado, ArThis track was a little controversial. It"s about Susie sleeping with she boyfriend. Don"t you think it"s obvious. What room going to tell ours mama, our papa and also our friends as soon as they say oohlala. This track should have actually been banned. We have too lot adultery walking on in the world. This track actually promotes adultery and fornication.Melissa native Happy Place, KsIt claims up there that George W. Shrub said this track was by buddy Holly, no The Everly Brothers.Being anti-Bush, that cracks me up.see much more comments