In Sunday’s Fear the go Dead, Strand walk what Virginia believed was impossible, in for this reason doing earning himself a reward the looked an dreadful lot favor a punishment. Check out on, and I’ll describe why.

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‘YOU and I ARE never GONNA CLEAN another LATRINE AGAIN’ | together “Welcome come the Club” began, a team of detainees in numbered jumpers to be led right into a sugar-processing plant and also tasked by Ginny’s rangers — in ~ gunpoint, natch —to dispatch the horde that walkers trapped behind a door. Every one of them — the survivors, the is, no the walkers — had actually disobeyed Virginia and therefore deserved to it is in in the grave; this, the head baddie explained, was their opportunity to destruction themselves out. However the door jammed, molasses oozed out, and one by one, the Rangers and also the detainees all gained dragged to your sugary deaths, all other than for sinner No. 41, Sanjay. ~ the opened credits rolled, Strand and also Alicia, apparently on latrine duty exterior of Lawton (Fear’s answer to Woodbury?), obtained into it through Ranger Marcus —to the point that Virginia’s teenage sister Dakota (new cast member Zoe Colletti) was moved to intervene on their behalf.

Of course, Strand and Alicia still landed in warm water, therefore they to be ushered right into Virginia’s office, where they interrupted the haircut the she to be receiving native Daniel, who… whaaat? Didn’t recognize his friends at all. “His memory’s prefer a map catalog,” Ginny explained, “but the cards room all mixed up” due to the fact that he do the efforts too tough to keep Skidmark v him, and also things got ugly. (Not my Skidmark! Ginny, you bastard!) as for the duo’s punishment, Virginia to be going to send them “somewhere that much better suits your natural talents” — in various other words, the sugar-processing plant. Before they were propelled there, Strand express his pity for Daniel. “You said me come remember who I was in here,” stated Victor. “You can’t also do the same.” In response, the barber provided Strand his St. Christopher medal to ease the heavy burden the he appeared to be carrying.


‘HOPE YOU’RE tho BREATHING as soon as I obtain BACK’ | in ~ the plant, Alicia and also Strand were reunited with Charlie, that was being punished because that trying to operation away, and also Janice. What had actually she done? The far better question, she said, was “what did they catch me doing?” In no time, Strand made decision that they were going to take over the place. Yet that was going to be challenging to do when the walkers were coated in syrup like Homer Simpson’s sweetest dream and also worst nightmare, the Rangers had guns, and though there were much more prisoners than Rangers, they had only spears and also s–t. Also, one of the prisoners was Sanjay, who admitted that as soon as the massacre go down, “I was simply the a–hole the watched.” absolutely B-team material. As Strand and also Alicia were pointing out their plan and also whether to abort, they discovered that they’d no only gotten a delivery of pointy objects, they’d gotten a stowaway — Dakota, that revealed not just her tie to Virginia yet that she to be most definitely not a fan of her sib.

The teenager was, however, a pan of Strand and also Alicia’s. She’d viewed their old tapes; the was why she was sure they’d aid her escape from Lawton. And at Virginia’s, she’d overheard everything, around the weapon in ~ the plant the the Pioneers’ leader want so badly, the transaction that Victor had cut with Ginny — everything. Deal? inquiry Alicia. The one in i beg your pardon Victor offered their nemesis the SWAT van in exchange for not being separated indigenous Madison’s daughter. “Daniel said me come remember who I was,” the reiterated to Alicia. Well, being v her assisted him perform that, to stay someone in whose eye he might look. Hard to it is in mad at a reason prefer that. Sooo it to be agreed the they’d clean the walkers, get the weapon and use it against Ginny. Simple peasy. Only it turned the end there to be a full-blown horde behind the door, and before you might say “change of plans,” things had actually started walking south.

‘THEY’LL select FRESH MEAT EVERY TIME’ | Sanjay, as he to be wont come do, froze, Charlie got yanked backwards by she ponytail and practically bitten — Dakota leapt right into the fray to conserve her, give thanks to goodness — and also soon, the ranger were every being ripped body from limb. (No huge loss, that.) as soon as Strand ran exterior to honk a horn and lure away the walkers, he discovered Sanjay hiding in the van. Due to the fact that the zombies want nibbles, not noise, Strand changed to his old ways and also — whoa — stabbed Sanjay, using him together live bait to distract the walkers long sufficient for Janice and also Alicia to acquire the Rangers’ guns. “You stated you wished you had actually the guts to stand as much as ,” Strand stated to his victim prior to anyone was around. Well, “today’s your day to be a hero.” And also dinner. “I do the efforts to protect against him,” Victor lied to his friends, “but this is what he wanted. That did this because that us.”

At any kind of rate, the team now had accessibility to the mystery weapon, which…didn’t actually exist! Dakota hadn’t made that up, she simply hadn’t known there was no really weapon. “The thing I’m in search of ain’t here,” Virginia told Strand as soon as she arrived. “It’s you, a true leader. You space the key.” through that, she gift him v a Pioneers key — he was now an official Scout — and informed him that he’d just created an army. He might do with it everything he wanted, however come time for “the huge show… y’all ideal be ready.” whatever “the big show” was. As the illustration neared its conclusion, Charlie tried come jog Daniel’s memory with the traveling Wilburys — to no avail. Afterwards, Alicia learned that Strand was maintaining Janice where she was, on laundry duty, while sending her away. That no longer wanted to remember who he was. That couldn’t. “To carry out all the things that I must now, for every one of us, I have to forget that person,” the told Alicia, “and ns can’t do it through you by mine side.” through that, he offered her the St. Christopher’s medal the is plainly going to it is in the season’s warm potato.

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‘YOU LOOK prefer YOU could USE A HAIRCUT’ | In the hour’s last moments, Daniel waited till Ranger Hill had driven him exterior the gates of Lawton (en route to paradise Ridge) come “remember” the he’d left behind his ideal scissors. As soon as the Ranger went ago to retrieve them, the barber whistled… and someone whistled back — and also killed an approaching walker. “Much obliged, friend, if in fact you room a friend,” claimed Daniel. Oh, it was a girlfriend alright, it to be Morgan! Not just that, but Daniel recognized him. “I believed it was you she was looking for,” claimed the barber, as sharp together his razor. So, what did friend think the “Welcome come the Club”? Strand’s return to the dark side? Charlie’s near-miss? therefore far, I’m liking this season much much better than last. You? fight the comments.