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About a dozen balloons inflated in Howard-Tietan Park for brief tethered rides last October in ~ the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede.

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About a dozen balloons inflated in Howard-Tietan Park for quick tethered rides last October at the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede.

U-B picture by GREG LEHMAN

Locals can include the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede earlier on your calendars for Mother’s day weekend.

Operators the the hot air balloon festival made the move from October to may official with an notice Saturday.

The 46th annual event that draws hot air balloonists from all over the country will run may 6-10. Lighter 보다 Air America will proceed to to organize the event. The agency had to be operated through the late Scott Spencer, who died Jan. 31 in ~ 65 after a fight with colon cancer.

His wife Laurie Spencer, a advertising pilot and the company’s vice president, will certainly lead occasion organization for 2020. Walla Walla balloonist Jerry Cummins, longtime balloonmeister, will additionally assist.

The day is the only change, said Scott Peters, CEO of title sponsor Columbia Rural electrical Association.

The event will proceed with a projected 30 come 35 balloons at Howard-Tietan Park. Peters stated Nite light is intended to return as a Saturday night event, fairly than Friday, when it had taken location the last number of years.

Re-scheduling Nite Glow, the ~ dusk presentation of tethered baskets light the night skies with inflated balloons indigenous the ground, is feasible with the return to May, Peters said. In the October time framework the timeless Saturday date conflicted with at least one other significant community event.

The event has taken place in the autumn for the last several years, beginning with a trial operation in 2014 with a smaller number of balloons. In 2015 the switch to October was made permanent.

That year—a check period—was a success, Peters said. But because then only 2018 had favorable weather problems and permitted balloons consistently off the ground because that the morning launches.

“The math is the straightforward part,” Peters claimed Saturday. “We had actually the test year and one other great October.

“And it sure seems prefer the odds are far better to me” because that a feather event.

Peters recognized there are far better weather month for hot air balloons than may or October. Yet those months frequently have plants growing in fields where the pilots often land, do it impossible to navigate.

“You can’t land the balloons,” he said.

While many other details room in plan stages, the date adjust was important to relax in stimulate for community members and visitors come plan.

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“We want balloons increase in the sky for the community and for the kids,” Peters said.