Dawn of the earth of the Apes was a substantial success this past weekend and now director Matt Reeves has revealed the an after-credits scene was originally intended to it is in included.

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While the ending of the movie felt right, whereby Caesar tells Malcolm that war has currently begun, the would have actually been quite to watch a an ext direct nod towards the 3rd film in the series.

Reeves can have conveniently gone with the shooting of the military ship heading into the city to battle with the apes to cap the film off, however he went v a quiet moment in between ape and also man, enabling the audience to feel the dread of battle that’s certain to come.

Also, if girlfriend did listen carefully towards the finish you may have actually heard some rumbling and what showed up to it is in an ape breathing. Some have speculated the this was Koba attempting to free himself indigenous the tower rubble.

While the would have been exciting to have actually an after-credits step hinting at the fight ahead, it’s quite to watch a director ready to leaving off an extra step which would undoubtedly obtain fans talking in an effort to produce a an ext harmonious story.

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Either way, his final decision functioned as Dawn of the earth of the Apes currently holds a 91% rating and also has traction in end $100 million at package office during its opening weekend.

The 3rd film, titled War of the planet of the Apes, will hit theaters in 2016 and also fans are currently anticipating the final fight between humans and also apes v Caesar top the charge.

There will likewise be an extensive cut that Dawn the the planet of the Apes once it’s exit on DVD and Blu-ray. If Reeves wouldn’t check that an alternate ending to be going come be contained on the Blu-ray, that did say the he would incorporate the film’s extended edition.

Were you hoping to check out an after-credits scene because that Dawn that the earth of the Apes, or walk the film feel complete as Caesar reveals to Malcolm the war has actually begun?