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2 cent Olympic Winter games Lake Placid Ski Jumper$0.50$0.25
2 cent Arbor work Boy and Girl Planting Tree$0.35$0.20
3 cent Summer Olympic gamings Runner$1.95$0.25
5 cent Summer Olympic gamings Discus Thrower$3.00$0.30
3 cent Pennsylvania 250th Anniversary wilhelm Penn$0.45$0.25
3 cent Daniel Webster$0.85$0.30





3 cent George Washington$0.30$0.20
3 cent George Washington Perforated 10 V$3.35$0.25
3 cent George Washington Perforated 10 H$1.85$0.70
6 cent James Garfield Perforated 10 V$14.00$0.30


1/2 cent Olive brown$0.30$0.20
1 cent Green$0.30$0.20
1 1/2 cent Brown$0.55$0.20
2 cent Carmine rose$0.30$0.20
3 cent Deep violet$0.70$0.20
4 cent light brown$0.35$0.25
5 cent Blue$2.75$0.25
6 cent Red orange$4.95$0.25
7 cent Black$0.40$0.20
8 cent Olive bistre$4.50$0.90
9 cent Pale red$3.85$0.25
10 cent Orange yellow$17.50$0.25

3 cent Washington\"s Headquarters peace Newburgh$0.30$0.20
1 cent Century of progression Chicago ft Dearborn$0.45$0.20
3 cent Century of progress Chicago commonwealth Bldg.

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1 cent Chicago Imperforate paper of 25$47.50$45.00
1 cent single stamp native sheet$1.50$0.95
3 cent Chicago Imperforate sheet of 25$38.50$38.50
3 cent single stamp from sheet$1.50$0.95
3 cent nationwide Recovery plot (N.R.A.)$0.30$0.20
3 cent Byrd Antarctic Expedition$0.80$0.65
5 cent general Kosciuszko$0.80$0.30

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These prices for U.S. Stamps are detailed as a organization to readers. They are derived from countless sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Use these together a reminder for assessing the reasonableness that dealer prices, setting up trades with various other collectors, and also estimating the worth of her collection. The worth of an individual stamp is dependent on that is centering and also condition. The prices noted here room for fine centered, undamaged stamps. A particularly nice example might sell for much more than the amount listed, when a negative copy can be precious less.

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