When Tobias Church captures and also tortures one of Oliver’s brand-new recruits, Oliver need to turn come an old friend, Christopher opportunity AKA the human being Target, for help. Meanwhile, Felicity’s worlds collide as soon as Detective Malone joins the ACU.

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Serie: Arrow

Director: Laura Belsey

Guest Star: Alexandr Kalugin, Cameron Hilts, Carly Pope, Chad L. Coleman, Curtis Braconnier, David Nykl, Dayleigh Nelson, Greg Rogers, Jason Simpson, Jason william Lee, Joe Dinicol, Madison McLaughlin, Matt Kennedy, Michael Cha, Mike Dopud, stack Gonzalez, Robert Salvador, sarah Porchetta, Sonny Surowiec, Tyler Ritter, Wil Traval, Wyatt Cameron


Marvel’s Agents the S.H.I.E.L.D.

After the fight of brand-new York, the civilization has changed. It now knows not only around the Avengers, but also the an effective menaces that require those superheroes and much more to…



Life is tough on the Flemings’ ranch in the Alberta foothills wherein abused or neglected horses uncover refuge through a kind, hard-working family. Debts abound and also the bank is about…


The X-Files

Two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully work in one unassigned detail of the bureau dubbed the X-Files investigating cases dealing v unexplained paranormal phenomena. Mulder, a true believer,…


Freaks and Geeks

It’s the 1980s and also at McKinley High, there’s two various groups of teenagers, the Freaks with cool and charismatic Daniel Desario and also tomboy Lindsay Weir and the Geeks v Lindsay’s…

A family members grieves the death of their daughter in a self-destruction bombing. Meanwhile, her brother suspects she is still lively after glimpsing her in a news report and also sets off…

A gritty, action-packed crime drama set during the brutal Tong wars of san Francisco’s Chinatown in the second half of the 19th century. The collection follows Ah Sahm, a martial…

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