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Dragon round Super episode 131 English SubHave you ever cried as soon as watching an episode of "Dragon ball Super" or the prequel series? If her answer is no, the would readjust with the premiere the the final episode, together revealed by the Japanese artist in charge of manga adaptation top top Twitter.

Vía Gojita AF, a facebook user dedicated in "Dragon round Super" news, common a post from Toyoyaro, that writes and draws the manga of the saga. He already watched episode 131.

"Guys, the last episode is also good, all of you space going to cry," claimed the cartoonist on his Twitter account.


While "Dragon ball Super" is based upon characters and also plots developed by Akira Toriyama, Toyotaro collaborated top top the draft of some warriors. In addition, the is responsible because that publishing manga monthly, where occasions of the series are developed differently (as us explored in this various other article).

The last episode "Dragon ball Super" it is provided the conclusion that the strength Tournament, where 80 fighters completed for the supervisor spheres of the dragon, capable of granting any kind of wish. The shedding team, that is precious noting, is removed from existence.

While the anime ends soon, the story will continue in December through a movie that aims to premiere approximately the world. This production will function a new character design, and also another villain developed by Toriyama.

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The final battle of "Dragon round Super" assures to be epic and even tearful, yet to awaken an excellent emotions in the fans, the animators responsible for the story have had to press their capabilities to the limit.

Megumi Ishitani, la directora a cargo del capítulo 131 de "Dragon sphere Super", contó en su cuenta de Twitter que con la fecha de la emisión del capítulo tan cerca -y los trabajos todavía no concluidos a inicios de esta semana- ha tenido que extender a horarios inesperados su rutina laboral.

Debido a la carga de trabajo, Ishitani y su equipo han tenido que despertar desde las 3 de la madrugada e incluso seguir laborando desde casa.

"¡Una conclusión milagrosa! ¡Hasta luego Gokú! ¡Hasta el día en que nos volvamos a encontrar!" es el nombre del episodio 131.

Hikaru Midorikawa, el seiyuu que le pone voz a Tenshinhan en "Dragon ball Super", aseguró en reciente entrevista con Toei que el manager del anime, Ryota Nakamura, ha pasado tres meses trabajando en los storyboards del episodio final, cuando el tiempo promedio para un capítulo typical es de 4 a 6 semanas.

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The return the Freezer and also Android 17 was the surprise of illustration 130 that Dragon round Super. However, Akira Toriyama promised one more surprise in the last episode. The manager of this illustration works very hard to close the story.

To acquire to the premiere in time, the Dragon sphere Super employee is already working day, night and also early morning. Through Twitter, the director of the last illustration spoke around the work pack she has actually so that every little thing is all set by Saturday, march 24.

Megumi Ishitani commented the she obtained up at 3 in the morning to work and also once her working hrs were over she took part of the Dragon ball sketches to complete them at home. There will certainly be a revealing episode, because not only need to they nearby the anime, but additionally show the beginning of the following saga.

The last illustration of Dragon ball Super will have the adhering to title: "A miraculous conclusion! watch you later, Goku! till the day we accomplish again! " reportedly Toei animation will no launch synopsis to prevent leaks.

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In chapter 130 that Dragon round Super, golden Freezer and also Android 17 room those that show up at the critical moment, before the suddenly weakness that Goku, and also are ready to fight versus Jiren.

In thing 131 the Dragon sphere Super, Freezer and also Android 17 team up to challenge Jiren, that although has been dilute after the fight versus Goku, is still very powerful.

In the development images of chapter 131 you can see son ogong fighting against Jiren, yet without the Migatte no Gokui.

Who will stand in ~ the end of chapter 131 of Dragon ball Super.


Kiseki no Kecchaku! Saraba Goku! Mata au hi made no (Miraculous ending! Goodbye, Goku! until our following reunion !!) is the title of thing 131 that Dragon sphere Super, i beg your pardon is likewise the finish of the series. It will be aired ~ above Sunday, march 25 through Fuji TV and also via Crunchyroll.

Dragon sphere Super is the very first anime that the Dragon ball franchise in 18 years. It started broadcasting top top July 5, 2015, and also has the direct participation of Akira Toriyama.

Chronologically, Dragon sphere Super is located around six month after the defeat of Majin Boo (Dragon round Z), when the earth lives in peace and tranquility. Rebuild the facts in Dragon ball Z: Kami to Kami (Battle the the gods) and also Dragon ball Z: Fukkatsu no F (The Resurrection the F).

In this brand-new series that Dragon Ball, kid Goku and also Vegeta gain a new transformation super Saiyan Blue and face the most an effective beings of this and other universes.

The new episodes that Dragon sphere Super room aired top top Sundays in Japan v Fuji TV at 09:00 and through Crunchyroll top top Saturdays at 08:00 p.m. In the world.

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Dragon round Super is around to reach its final, a last that is complied with by millions of fans transparent Latin America. Toei animation has already revealed a teaser with the following project the the franchise, even so, fans are still wondering how the Chikara no Taikai (Power Tournament) will certainly end.

The rules are clear, the team that has more competitors on the battlefield will be the one that wins. For this reason far, numerically, the benefit is for cosmos 7. Yet ... Who will win?



It is unlikely that Jiren is the winner that Chikara no Taikai. The one who until currently was the most powerful warrior of every the Universes has actually to face Son Goku, Android 17 and golden Freezer.

In the battle of thing 130 the Dragon sphere Super, Jiren had currently been overtaken through Goku, who had actually used the Migatte no Gokui (Doctrine of the Egoist or the Ultra Instinct). However, at the wrong time, the Saiyan experienced the results of dealing with so much power and also was sore, gift rescued through Freezer and also Android 17.

Could Jiren with Freezer, Android 17 and also then son ogong recovered? possibly However, if the wins cosmos 11, over there is little chance that he will usage the at sight Spheres of the Dragon to contact for the reappearance of the universes, for this reason a Jiren success is not an extremely feasible.


Since the beginning of Chikara no Taikai the has end up being clear the Frieza is up to something. Actually, anyone who has actually seen Dragon round Z knows perfectly well the the Emperor of evil is not reliable.

It is noticeable that his score is to acquire the supervisor Spheres that the Dragon because that himself and have a level over the gods of destruction. The concerns that leave us are: Is it possible that it is he who wins? will certainly he betray Android 17 and Goku? Needless come say the if he gets the supervisor Spheres the the Dragon, the is most likely that we will likewise say goodbye come the world 7.

Android 17

One of the advantages of Android 17, in enhancement to the sagacity in combat, is its resistance. This makes him a perfect candidate to stay standing at the finish of the Chikara no Taikai. As currently seen, 17 is a at sight warrior, and also if he it s okay the super Dragon Spheres there would be no major problems for the cosmos 7.

In the reintroduction that Android 17 come the world of Dragon round it became noticeable that this warrior has actually a great heart, therefore he can probably be encouraged to revive the other universes. And if not, at least Universe 7 continues to be standing.



The logical point is the the most an effective character the the Dragon sphere Universe, and protagonist, is the winner. Yet not necessarily. That is even likely that goku will miss out on the success of the hands. He does not have a great track record in tournaments, other than for a memorable victory over Pikkoro Jr.

However, if goku wins is guaranteed not only the survival of cosmos 7. We space sure that Vegeta will call for Kakarotto come revive the universe 6. In addition, that is most likely that in stimulate to guarantee having much more powerful opponents, son ogong ask them to revive every the universes.

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The fighters of a Universe are not enough for Goku, and also we can even think the Jiren will become a new friend the the Saiyan. The last we will know this Sunday (Japan), Saturday (Latin America) in chapter 131 the Dragon sphere Super.

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