At this point in the story, many characters feel favor they need to make a decision, prefer they have actually to adjust something and move forward; yet, they’re still caught in a middle ground of sorts, in a state the indecision together they challenge their obstacles head on. Angela, for example, is all around her arrangement to “change the world”, but she doesn’t really do lot when she heads over to terry Colby’s house. Tyrell’s to be making moves to become CTO, yet after he’s ripped apart by Scott Knowles, he ends up throwing a hissy to the right in his kitchen and worries around “overstepping” (his wife says that he’s “spinning the end of control”). Elliot grapples v his “flight or fight” an answer throughout the episode, and he mentions early on that he really should get on picking one of them. The problem, the course, is the it’s just not that easy to ‘pick one’, and that’s a common idea across the present as a whole. Is life really “better once numb?” execute we select to it is in numb?

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