Phaedra must deal with a literal meaning bomb in her office while Kenya proceeds to battle in her partnership with Matt


This episode was explosive, thankfully just in the figurative sense. A grenade getting here at Phaedra’s office is just one the the insane moments because that the women of the ATL, but add the crumbling relationships between most that the couples, and also it’s been a week for disaster. It’s no all bad though, specifically with the an excellent conversations on exactly how to relocate forward as a country in the midst of so lot turmoil. We have actually a many to obtain through.

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Opening on a clear day, prior to the trauma she’ll need to experience unfolds, Phaedra to plan a pilgrimage to Philadelphia because that the democratic National Convention. She’s quiet going solid with her charity, “Save our Sons,” which exposes the injustices against young black males in the U.S. The course, Phaedra can’t carry out this all alone, it takes a movement, but thankfully she has actually her buddy Porsha come tag along to the DNC. (Why was this episode not dubbed “Ms. Parks Goes come Washington”?)

Kenya, who would currently like come be described as “the black Martha Stinter-base.netart,” take away Cynthia come a personal cake decorator for this reason they can make a “professional” cake because that Matt’s birthday. Nothing states I forgive you for having angry meltdowns prefer a privately decorated cake! if she place Cynthia come work, Kenya mentions she’s planning an ATV outing because that couples only, an interpretation Cynthia is no invited. Climate Kenya decides to call the various other couples ideal in prior of Cynthia, additional pushing that knife right into her back. Together Cynthia gracefully jokes, “Guess my invitation gained lost in the mail.” She doesn’t have to feel also left out though because Shereé and also Bob won’t be going come ATV’ing. According to Kenya, Bob is “too big” come fit top top the vehicles.

It’s it s okay though; Shereé has bigger fish to fry. Kairo, her typically upstanding son, terrified she one night through calling and also saying he was arrested because that a DUI. Except the heartbreak of understanding her boy is in trouble through the law, Shereé is likinter-base.netise worried around how Kairo will be cure by the justice system because of his skin color. She sits down v her son and also tries to do him aware of this sad truth. “You need to work harder. You need to be better,” she says.

While Kairo appears to take this every in, Shereé additionally wants Bob to bring up the worry with him. Of course, Bob agrees through Shereé, yet he additionally knows clinical marijuana is a an excellent tool because that athletes to heal their wounds. Shereé isn’t high on this conversation, but thankfully Bob bring it around to the allude of the talk: urging his son to never drive and also smoke or spend time with human being who condone it. Kairo agrees and apologizes for his mistake, so for now, things space looking up.

Taking treatment of business in the ATL, Kandi and also Todd’s “Old Lady Gang” restaurant is tho slowly coming together, but both of them great the doors were all set to it is in open. V a an are that have the right to seat 200 people, the pair didn’t realize exactly how much occupational it would take to also get the kitchen prepared. The king of restaurants, Peter stop by to inspect out the “OLG” restaurant, and also thankfully he seems impressed through the space itself. Day next on the patio, a kitchen large enough to offer the masses, and the reality that Todd and also Kandi are a team space all things Peter approves of. When Kandi procedures out, Peter reminds Todd come be careful with just how deep he gets into service affairs with his wife. After all, the was among the main reasons Peter and also Cynthia break-up up.

Meanwhile, Cynthia is looking for a house through Noelle. Your no. 1 selection is a lake house, with six bedrooms, an out shower, and of course, a lake appropriate in their backyard. Cynthia feeling if she gets this place, not just will it it is in a fresh start for the next phase of her life, yet Noelle might also want to stick about longer prior to moving to LA. She just needs to uncover the funds to purchase the extravagant pad.

Phaedra and Porsha have ultimately arrived come the DNC, and also we also get some personal footage that the pair getting their federal government on during the convention. Tucked far in their personal meeting, the dashboard on total violence begins, and also Phaedra introduces her mentor Florida U.S. Representative Frederica S. Wilson, that gets the ball rolling top top the black color Lives issue talk. In an impressive turn that events, Jahvaris Fulton, older brother to Trayvon Martin and director of The Trayvon boy name Foundation, joins the panel to explain, “There’s not one an easy answer. It’s absolutely a mix of you have actually to construct relationships through police in the community and you have to ban semi-automatic weapons.” Phaedra, Frederica, and the remainder of the attendees every agree to never offer up, putting in the difficult work to keep this concern at the forefront.

With a successful talk under she belt, Phaedra check in v Porsha prior to going to fulfill Apollo in prison. She’s worried about having to check out him, the course, but like Porsha says, “The girl needs her closure.”

Working with an equally rocky relationship, Kenya is in ~ a loss v Matt; the particularly decorated cake and also surprise ATV pair party didn’t carry out the trick. Apparently, Kenya’s current #tbt photograph of herself and Jay-Z was too lot for that to handle — he got in a to the right of rage and also decided to fly back to California to see his sister, instead of security time with Kenya.



Now, let’s acquire to the real bombshell that the episode. Top top her method to Apollo, Phaedra gets a speak to from she office manager, who explains a former client has involved the office through a grenade, threatening to death anyone that gets in his way. Phaedra is floored, obviously. Her first reaction is to contact her mother to acquire the kids away from her residence in situation this human has access to her attend to or desires to hurt her whole family. Thankfully, Phaedra’s mother gets both sons come safety, and also the male is arrested, yet Phaedra is permanently shook up end this, easy to understand so.

Trying no to offer into tears, Phaedra traction herself together to gain past the following hurdle: talking to Apollo.

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Everyone in town has a lot to say around the grenade attack, consisting of Mama Joyce who appears to feel Phaedra had actually this coming. That’s following week.