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Ivar slithers towards his flagship, a demon prepared to haunt his enemies. “Now i can lastly fulfill mine promise come the gods and also kill Lagertha!” he speak his brothers Hvitserk. They’ve come far, this sons that Ragnar. They have actually avenged their father — and will they now kill your brothers? “Would you death Ubbe?” Ivar asks his brother. “If I kill Ubbe, won’t mine fame be assured?” claims Hvitserk, answering through a question.

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All prepare for battle. Astrid eight herself, angering her husband Harald, who would favor his pregnant wife stay far from the battlefield. In Kattegat, Margrethe stays behind if so many others go. Return Bjorn has parted methods with Torvi, still that honors their child Guthrum: “It is a proud day when a dad takes his kid to his an initial battle!”

You might recall the Guthrum was the organic son the Jarl Borg, long-ago adversary of Bjorn’s dad Ragnar. But Guthrum never met the man, seems to regard Bjorn as something choose a father. So there is hope because that Viking society, the possibility that the opponents of one generation will end up being family in the next. That course, family members members can hurt every other just as much as opponents can.

On the field of battle, Lagertha begins to wonder. Is there an additional way? “It is not appropriate that the boy of Ragnar should try and slaughter each other,” she says. Emissaries space sent, and hostages: Halfdan safety the day with his brothers Harald, when Hvitserk join his very own brothers. Both sides look for to revolve their hostages right into allies. Brother reach the end to brothers: Ubbe and also Hvitserk, Harald and also Halfdan.

Perhaps diplomacy will win the day. A good summit is held, flags all around. Bjorn Ironsides begs the assembled to take into consideration the possibility of peace. A polite war deserve to only carry tragedy, and “a life time of revenge obligations for those who survive.” Revenge obligations! What a phrase: you imagine the lonely survivors that this battle checking bloody boxes for the remainder of their lives. Girlfriend imagine they’ll fight this battle the rest of your lives.

Harald is bullish. He wants to victory the whole world. Lagertha speak to his cook ally, Ivar. “Win or lose, you lose,” she says. If the achieves victory, he will be despised together an illegitimate ruler, a usurper, a brother-killer numerous times over. If he loses, there will certainly be nobody left to support him: he will have actually lost because of the gods themselves, and Ragnar, who sits next to them in Valhalla (if you think the legends Ragnar didn’t).

Ivar sheds a tear. He claims that he will certainly renounce his promise to death Lagertha. He claims they are all boy of Ragnar. They organize high their drinking horns in a sign of peace — and also then Ivar throws his drink right into Ubbe’s face. “I could break a bone,” the says, “but I have the right to never break a promise.” therefore a good peace is averted, and also so there need to be a battle.

The Vikings have turned their energies inward, battling among themselves. Further afield, distant lands offer possibilities. Alfred has returned come Wessex and sees his own society ossifying. His father, Aethelwulf, is stuck in his ways; Alfred dreams of a navy, the a true seafaring defense versus the tormenting Northmen. And also in the remote land of the gods, Floki’s followers continue structure a society. Pride and also jealousy threaten this land. Some think Floki has led them astray; some think Floki desires to it is in king, or has actually no plan. Floki himself declares that they must construct a holy place honoring Thor. Yet will they have actually food because that the winter? and also what if lock cannot grow a chop here? Floki sit back, pondering, silent.

Floki and Alfred dream of a world. The Northmen space fighting to regulate the old one. Minutes from battle, Ivar conceives a strategy. They have to pull back a third of the military to safeguard their ships. And Hvitserk should carry some warriors with the forest, come flank their enemies. It is a disaster. Lagertha has allies wait in the forest for Hvitserk’s men. Shieldmaidens flank Harald’s very own forces, demolishing them. A horn blows because that reinforcements, but far from the battle, Ivar trust they room too late.

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There are good losses in the battle, arms take it asunder, skulls hammered. Bishop Heahmund is reduced down, left bleeding ~ above the ground. He is discovered, in the victorious aftermath, by Lagertha, who declares the he need to be saved. “Maybe the gods know why,” she says. Maybe she simply wants to take it the warrior priest together a souvenir. Harald flees, staring daggers in the direction of Ivar. Lagertha and her allies have actually won the battle. Yet a fight is never the entirety war.

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