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About the Song

Penned by Don Sampson and Wynn Varble, “Waitin’ on a Woman” was performed not only once however thrice through Brad Paisley. In 2005, Paisley tape-recorded the song and included it on his album, Time fine Wasted. He climate re-recorded the tune in 2007 for inclusion ~ above his album, 5th Gear. Finally, in 2008, he again tape-recorded the song and released it in the exact same year becoming Paisley’s 12th no. 1 single.

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Waitin’ on a Woman” centers ~ above a recently married male sitting top top a bench in ~ a shopping mall. Waiting for his mam to end up shopping, he meets one older guy who, choose him, is wait on a woman. The older male then describes that although the has regularly had to wait for his wife, he does not mind doing so. Moreover, that gives the younger guy a piece of advice the he will often discover himself “waitin’ on a woman” as well.

Sittin’ on a bench in ~ West city MallHe sat under in his overalls and also asked meYou waitin’ on a womanI nodded yeah and also said exactly how ’bout youHe said son due to the fact that nineteen fifty-two I’ve beenWaitin’ ~ above a woman

When ns picked her up because that our very first dateI told she I’d be there at eightAnd she came down the stairs at eight-thirtyShe stated I’m i m really sorry that i took therefore longDidn’t favor a thing that ns tried onBut let me phone call you child she sure looked prettyYeah she’ll take she time but I don’t mindWaitin’ top top a woman…

The older male then states that he feels the he will most most likely die prior to his wife does. After making this realization, he ultimately states that he will wait because that his wife in heaven because he, too, “ psychic waitin’ ~ above a woman” In the end, the old man is seen sitting on a white bench, put on a white suit, ~ above a lone beach, waiting for his wife to join him.

I’ve read somewhere statistics showThe man’s always the an initial to goAnd that renders sense ’cause I understand she won’t it is in readySo as soon as it lastly comes my timeAnd I acquire to the other sideI’ll uncover myself a bench, if they’ve got anyI hope she takes her time, ’cause i don’t mindWaitin’ on a woman…


Behind the production of the Song

In one interview with Country Weekly magazine, songwriter wynn Varble received a speak to from his friend informing him the their former co-worker was in the hospital. Varble then created the song after phone call his co-worker in ~ the hospital, wondering where his mam was. That echoed the story and also his idea to co-writer Don Sampson and after a couple of days, they played the track to Brad Paisley, who determined to record it.

Don Sampson, Brad Paisley, win Varble (dotPhoto)

On the various other hand, in one more interview v AOL, Varble revealed:

“A friend of mine called me around a girlfriend of our who was in the hospital and wasn’t doing well at all. After i hung up v him, ns talked to the guy and also asked exactly how he was doing. He remained in his critical days, and also I asked him where his wife was. He stated he told her to go home, that there was nothing she can do there. That title pertained to mind, and that small story, the summary of it.”

He continued and also explained:

“Don and also I had started a tune the week before that we were going to finish, yet Don said, ‘Shoot, let’s create this instead of that other one.’ us finished the in one day. The afternoon, I went to town come play the for one of my song pluggers under there, Cris Lacy. She hears a million songs, and also I looked increase at she afterwards, and she had actually tears down her face. Ns told Don, ‘I think we have something if it obtained through Cris Lacy’s tough shell.’ about a week later, somebody at Brad Paisley’s firm played it because that him, and he put it on hold, and the remainder is history.

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Watch Brad Paisley do “Waitin’ on a Woman.”

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