In our approach, we simulate the method a human user looks for data on a web page. We, together human, rely on the intuitive appearance that the web page (fonts, colors, message or link density) and also semantic cues or message signals in ~ the contents (titles, highlighted words, the meaning of particular phrases) to build an image of the content structure.

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To differentiate between "we, as authors" and also as humans, I usage "we, as human", yet it perhaps is "we, together humans" or miscellaneous else?

In general, are there more idiomatic ways to to speak "human"?

By the way, is "build photo of something" to average "perceive", correct?

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You space inviting the very confusion you"re trying come fix once you use "we" very first to average the authors of the study and also then, automatically after that, to mean "people in general".

To stop this confusion, you could just say

In ours approach, us simulate the way people generally look for data ~ above a internet page. A human reader counts on ...

We frequently say "build a mental image" to do it clear the we"re making use of "image" figuratively.

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In her paragraph, "human" is linked by "as" come "we", a pronoun. The most most likely conclusion is the the word following "as" is a noun. "Human", a noun, is countable, has actually a many form, and in the singular refers to an individual, which cannot correspond come "we", i beg your pardon is plural. You either need an additional noun that means multitude (like "humanity" or "a civilization" or "a society", neither serves the purpose, BTW) or usage plural:

We, as humans, ...

Yes, "to build an image of" have the right to be supplied to express perception. Or perhaps "to form picture of".

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If you"re in search of an alternate to "humans" I"d introduce differentiating between "we" - the writer - and also "us" - the users.

Also, "human" is implied, uneven your product is designed for something rather - favor an animal of some sort, for this reason it"s unnecessary.

Your rephrasing could be something along the currently of:

In ours approach, us simulate the method a user looks for data top top a internet page. Users depend on the visual appearance of the web page (fonts, colors, message or connect density) and also semantic cues or text signals within the contents (titles, highlighted words, the meaning of particular phrases) come build an image of the content structure.

You might potentially use "they" rather of the 2nd "users" but I wouldn"t personally introduce it. I recognize that you prefer to protect against repeating words but I think it"s valuable to have actually it, to emphasize the readjust in topic from "we" come "users".

You might alternately use "viewer", "reader"... Etc.

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