West End’s 14-year-old all-star team is regional-bound after beating Keystone, 8-2, to development to today’s Babe Ruth state championship game.

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The top two teams in the state immediately qualify for the Mid-Atlantic Regional, which will certainly be held next main in Atlantic City, brand-new Jersey.

West End damaged the video game open in the 4th inning by scoring 5 runs. Christian Franzen, Kyreek Bradshaw and Ethan Nagy all come up huge with RBI singles. Nagy also stole house for the inning’s 5th run.

Franzen to be the team’s only multiple-hit batter together he go 2 for 2 through a dual and run scored. Gino Birch likewise had a hit.

Bradshaw threw four strong innings before Chase Kelley came in during the fifth inning to relieve him and also threw an excellent to save Keystone at bay.




West end 8, Keystone 2

Keystone000 110 0 – 2 7 2

West End030 500 x – 8 5 1

Laughner, Lavell (5), Laughner (6) and also Hoy. Kyreek Bradshaw, follow Kelly (5) and also Caiden Helmrich. W-Bradshaw. L-Laughner.

Top Keystone hitters: Brungard 3-3; Laughner 1-1, run; Seltzer 1-3, run. Top West finish hitters: Christian Franzen 2-2, 2B, run; Kyreek Bradshaw 1-1, RBI; Ethan Nagy 1-3, run; Gino Birch 1-2, run.

Next game: West finish vs. Altoona today, 5 p.m., Babe Ruth 14-year-old state championship.


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